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New Shanghai At Emporium

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New Shanghai has entered the Melbourne market and Emporium Melbourne with a huge impression, featuring high quality and affordable Chinese cuisine, upmarket ambience in a tea house vibe, and a packed house. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience this dumpling sensation originally from Sydney. At New Shanghai you are transported to 1920s Shanghai and its hard to believe this quality lives inside a food/cafe court.


Dumplings at New Shanghai are up with the best in Melbourne, but don't think it's just about the dumplings. We were impressed with every dish  - and we consumed a huge selection from their comprehensive menu.

The Xiao Long Bao (steamed mini pork bun) above were perfect - delicate casing and delectable soup and filling. And the price was super affordable at $7.80 for 8. There's something good about dumplings arriving in bamboo steamers. Surely one of the best in Melbourne.


New Shanghai has a wide ranging drinks menu but we were taken with fresh house made teas and special juices like this Mango blended ice drink.


New Shanghai also impressed with these plump Pan fried Pork dumplings - large and top quality dumplings (8 pieces). These dumplings had a surprisingly crispy bottom, which we enjoyed.

The philosophy of New Shanhai is impressive -

"At New Shanghai, we offer guests a taste of modern Shanghai-style cuisine, in an ambient setting inspired by the bustling, colourful streets of the city we’re named after. At the heart of New Shanghai are ancient family recipes learned in Shanghai and passed down from generation to generation. These ancient recipes are the base of our vibrant array of Shanghai-style soup dumplings, noodles, bubbling hot pots, and pan-fried buns, which can be enjoyed while taking in our live dumpling-making theatre. We hope you enjoy the New Shanghai dining experience!"


The Prawn wonton tossed with peanut butter, red chilli oil and spice were amazing - I came back for them again the next day (along with much of what we consumed on our blogger visit).

Check out the house made bread below - used to place the Crispy beef inside for a magical sandwich.


New Shanghai delighted with a huge portion of Crispy Shredded Beef stir fried with Peking sauce and served with steamed plain bread - check out the red colour. This baby had some kick.


The Lychee special blended ice drink also hit the mark.


Here we have it - crispy shredded beef placed inside the house made bread for a delectable dish...


Then it got even more indulgent with a pot of slow cooked Pork belly, featuring Pork belly braised over night in sweet soy sauce... This was so good - tender pork with soy flavours sticky and permeating. The pork belly was perfect with rice. We felt it was similar to Red Spice Road and we love a decent amount of fat with the meat.


By now I was feeling on a high with loads of satisfying dishes - but there was still the Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab... Crispy outside and tender inside and a generous portion.


New Shanghai has a modern fit out  and is a large spacious restaurant. I loved the large slat lattice red window effect and modern artwork.


New Shanghai is a sensation and well worth a visit. Certainly the place is packed at lunch times with shoppers and city workers. Highly recommended.

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