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Start Planning Your End of Year/Christmas Parties Now


It’s hard to believe that in a few short months the holidays will be upon us. What’s more, many of us have the added responsibility for planning the season’s big event. Whether it’s a large family get-together, a company Christmas party or a New Year’s celebration, the following 12 tips are intended to help you plan the biggest and most talked about event of the year.

1 – Decide on a Date

Set a date as soon as possible. The holiday season is one of the busiest of the year, so get the date sketched in early. This way you’ll be assured of the ideal date and time.

2 – Establish a Budget and Itinerary

Your budget is critical to planning. Once you know how much you have to spend you can decide on venue, food, beverages, and entertainment. You will also want to determine on the steps you will take to stay on track.

3 – Set Priorities

What type of holiday party will it be? Once you’ve established a budget, this is the time to decide how many will attend, where you would like to hold the event, and who will help with planning and preparations.

4 – Visualize What the Event Will Look Like

Look through magazines and online blogs to visualize what you would like the event to look like. Having a clear image in your mind will help as you plan and select a location.  

5 – Select a Venue

Unless you are planning to entertain in your own home, decide on a venue as soon as possible. When choosing a setting, consider the size of the venue and see if it fits your invitation list. Bell City is a great example of a setting in Melbourne that can both cater to large groups of people and also host more intimate gatherings in their flexible 15 room event venues.

6 – Choose a Theme

Select a theme that reflects the joy of the season while taking into account the warm December weather. The theme that you choose will help determine other details, such as party decorations, place settings, dinner and dessert.

7 – Choose Your Menu

Food is central to the party’s atmosphere. Decide on a menu that works well with the theme and fits your budget. Then start looking for a caterer who can accommodate your specific needs.

8 – Beverage Choices

Beverages will include everything from cocktails, sodas, wine, and water to after dinner drinks, coffee and teas. You can adapt your drink selection to the party’s theme and the tastes of your guests.

9 – Music and Entertainment

There are many great options for entertainment and music. Decide on a DJ, entertainment, and dance music.

10 – Awards and Speeches

If the event is a company party, decide who will give speeches, hand-out awards, and acknowledge jobs well done.

11 – The Extras

Decide on favours, gifts, flowers and the extras. Each detail will add a special touch to the event while complementing the holiday theme. Establish a table plan, complete with place cards.

12 – Invite Your Guests

Have guests “save the date” well in advance. When you get closer to the date, send out invitations that include all important details, who, what, when, etc. Include a map. Ask that guests RSVP and help them find suitable transportation.


While challenges are bound to arise, referring to a checklist will help you manage the details. You can then rest assured that the event will run smoothly and that everyone will have a wonderful time!