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Skewers and Beer at Table Lamp Restaurant & Bar


Table Lamp Restaurant & Bar is a popular Asian fusion fine dining restaurant and bar, but also excels when it comes to more casual options. This restaurant delivers when it comes to a winning combination of "skewers and beer". Head Chef Alex Chin and the team are experts at serving up skewers to suit all tastes, from lamb, beef and chicken classics, to delectable salmon and king prawn skewers. Also popular are the sliced steak rolls skewers and the squid skewers. Vegetarians are catered for with both mushroom and sweet corn skewers. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to sample the wide range of skewers at lunchtime, with beer of course.


Table Lamp is running some keen specials on its skewers and beer, with standout Wednesday special of UNLIMITED SKEWERS AND BEERS FOR $55 over 2 hours 5.30pm to 7.30pm. What makes it even better is that the beers are decent beers including a range of craft beers! Check out their Facebook page for great dining specials. They also run an UNLIMITED MEAT special for $45 on Sunday nights.


As the skewers came out from the kitchen I realised I was in for a massive and moorish lunch. The skewers are cooked properly over the grill so have that smoky/charred taste.


Critical to skewers is of course the sauce. If the sauce is a let down then it ruins the skewers experience. Table Lamp excels with all its sauces, and the sauces enhance the skewers meal.  We dipped the skewers in a delicious satay sauce, not only a peanut hit and tang, but also excellent consistency. Also delectable is the peppery sauce, which has more heat. Sauce maketh the skewers.


Table Lamp Restaurant & Bar is serious about skewers and developed a Skewer Dept...


The chicken and beef skewers hit the spot, with tangy and slight charred taste from the grill. Inside they were juicy and rewarding. Table Lamp uses excellent wood skewers with a kind of handle on the end to make eating easier. Or you can just take the meat off the skewer with your fork. This makes dipping in the sauce a little easier.


Salmon skewer on the left and Mushroom skewer on the right. Both  delectable. As the salmon was curled over on the skewer, we found it to be a decent amount of salmon for each skewer.


For The World Loves Melbourne vegetables taste better cooked on a grill...


Scallops skewers are also excellent. Presentation is always a highlight at Table Lamp, no matter the dish.


Table Lamp Restaurant & Bar has a delightful bar space with bespoke original cocktails as well as the classics, and an excellent beer and wine list.


Not to mention a romantic ambience for that special occasion, with compelling city views...


I managed to get through 90% of the lunch, and it was a massive effort. Come here for a casual lunch sitting to enjoy "skewers and beer" or load up on their generous specials such as the unlimited skewers and beers on a Wednesday night (check it out on Facebook).