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Style & Conviviality at Royal Croquet Club


The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to a secret tasting event at the summer's smash hit, Royal Croquet Club at Birrarung Marr (Jan 16-Feb 1). We experienced the best of hospitality, food, croquet and beverages at Croquet Pitch and Yalumba Rooftop Deck section (Yalumba Container). Melbourne loves a festival and an event and Royal Croquet Club has captured the imagination in it's first year. We heard how the concept was originally formed in Adelaide but has now come to Melbourne with its own version. The World Loves Melbourne likes the free entry into the world of the Royal Croquet Club.

Local and international identity Grant Smillie (partner behind the event with Pete Sofo, awesome DJ, Ponyfish Island and iD Collective are some involvements) was on hand and gave us the low down on the Royal Croquet Club concept. A place where people can gather for 17 days and have a great time via this fresh expression with a casual atmosphere and quality offerings. On Friday night they extend the area further to cater for another 5000 people. This has the hallmarks of a Grant Smillie event, with a festive vibe, great food, awesome spaces, and loads of hot music.


Grant Smillie looking chic on a warm Melbourne evening.


Pimms anyone? Dude behind the bar handing me my Pimms...


Perfect for those summer nights...

Anyone for croquet? The World Loves Melbourne doesn't really know the rules but I was learning about hitting the ball with a mallet between the hoops and into the middle peg on the court... Or something like that. Actually I was happy to watch the punters and drink Pimms...


Having Broadsheet curate the food was a great move, as absolutely everything on the menu was awesome...


Burnt Ends with Jalapeno Slaw and Mother BBQ Sauce was a BBQ sensation for only $12. The brioche bun with its hint of sweetness merged into sticky delectable burnt ends (best bits) pork, with hit of Slaw cutting across the pork to bring perfect balance. I admit to eating two of these beauties.


Miss Chu delighted with these Crispy Vegetarian spring rolls and I couldn't get enough. I also had my eye of their Poached Coconut Chicken Salad.


Mr Claws was a smash hit at Taste of Melbourne and the savvy and inventive Daniel Wilson has served up 3 versions of his famous Lobster Roll at Royal Croquet Club. Pictured here is the Chunky Wasabi Lobster Roll for $12. Lobster goodness served in a brioche bun.


Some of the punters step out in fashion, bringing a slice of glamour to the Melbourne summer.


The food hits kept coming with Aussie quintessential BBQ Lamb Cutlets featuring mint dressing, capers and Cornichon Potato Salad. Top notch lamb cutlets cooked perfectly! Kudos to Meat Mother for this dynamic combination! So rewarding.


DOC served up some delectable Lamb skewers with sea salt, with 5 for only $10.


Bloggers and media enjoyed the conviviality overdrive...


DOC returned with Grandma's meatballs with tomato sugo and Parmigiano Reggiano - 3 large balls for $10.

Gelato Messina has developed a cult item of this Ice cream served in a soup can. How cool is that!

Popular Gelato Messina flavours in a can! Royal Croquet Club originally just had the International Soup Kitchen sign in place and some of the punters were puzzled why soup would be served in summer? So they had to put in a large Gelato Messina sign to make it clearer. (Why didn't people just get it?) Great concept!


Gelato Messina Soup Kitchen - it took us almost half an hour to eat one of these, the Black Forest Bisque. Rich and rewarding.


Broadsheet helped curate the food selections, with The World Loves Melbourne enjoying every dish served to us. For us the prices are more than reasonable. Normally we would select 2-3 dishes at one of these events, as well as drinks. 


More Pimms? The World Loves Melbourne noticed a number of people ordering jugs of Pimms, perfect for summer.


Royal Croquet Club has a great vibe and provides the little touches to suit Melburnians' high expectations...

Royal Croquet Club is a fresh creative summer destination for discerning Melbournians. Get on it before Feb 1st!