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Grand Trailer Park Burger Wonderland


Grand Trailer Park Taverna is a burger wonderland, cleverly taking up the American East Coast theme of a trailer park and turning it on its head with a killer fit out of booths and trailer structures. Surely this is taking the burger culture to its zenith and is a must visit for burger afficiados in this city. Simply this is the most creative burger joint we've seen in Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the launch but couldn't make it, and so we (Dave and Mario) had the opportunity to visit some weeks later. Had the hype settled down? No chance. On a mild Tuesday early evening this place was pumping. Check out our article on Best Milkshakes in Melbourne.

The first surprise was the Spiked Milkshakes. We had no idea they would be so good and such a talking point. The Makers Mark Bourbon, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon was the best milkshake we have experienced. Served in long jars there was just the right amount of bourbon to give the taste all the way through without the alcohol being overpowering. The salted caramel taste is wonderfully evident, while the skewered maple bacon presented on top of the shake is a fun touch. We mentioned the word "calories" to the wait staff and he shrugged his shoulders and said, "You need to live a little!" Agreed!


As we entered the trailer park we were met by wait staff full of personality and banter - they are a big part of the experience. It's fun here if not a little glamorous. Grand Trailer Park captures the essence of the American Trailer Park in the fit out but is the antithesis in terms of mood. Trailer Parks in America have a certain romance but are also a place of social challenge. This trailer park is a happy place with compelling dining spaces and an artistic touch. Grand Trailer Park is the masterstroke of Dani Zeini (the man behind the acclaimed Dandenong Pavilion noted for its burger offerings) and Joshua Lefers (design mastermind behind Pawn & Co. and Big Dog Creative). 


Grand Trailer Park burgers are now famous in Melbourne. The Chunk - Double Double is a cracker burger and reminded us of In and Out Burgers in California, and we understand In and Out Burgers are part of the burger inspiration here. The Chunk - Double Double features Two premium Aussie beef patties, double American Cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, jalapenos, diced gherkins, American mustard and tomato sauce, on a lightly toasted brioche bun. The burger comes neatly wrapped in paper a la In and Out burgers, making this massive burger easier to consume. Juicy and rewarding with the pattie the hero - Aussie grass fed beef that gets freshly minced every day. The taste has some heat and kick with the jalapenos and tangy sauce. The balance of the burger is excellent. A contender for best burger of Melbourne.


The Atomic Burger is a chart topper and definite contender for best burger in Melbourne. The Atomic has taken on legendary status in Melbourne featuring Premium Aussie beef pattie, American cheddar cheese, chilli cheese kransky, crispy bacon, BBQ sauce & truffle cayenne mayonnaise on a lightly toasted brioche bun. This is juicy goodness that is so right. From the photo above you can see it's a substantial burger with lashings of caramelised onions and bacon and chilli cheese kransky. The Chilli cheese kransky is like having another patty, and combines wonderfully with the beef pattie. The crispy bacon is another highlight, living up to its name and in generous proportion. Grand Trailer Park make their own sauces and they are tangy and complement perfectly. The cheese oozes over the patty while the kransky already has cheese and chilli in it. This is a burger with several talking points. So good.

Chandelier, carnival lights and mirror ball in the trailer park...


The Atomic in all its glory. These are American style burgers at their best. Burger turnover time was reasonable with the wait around 10 minutes. Imbibing our Spiked Milkshakes was a great way to start our dining experience.


The fries are also made fresh every day and are hand cut. Dip your fries into the house made mayo.

We also enjoyed the Potato Mac and Cheese Croquette. The texture is excellent, although I'd prefer a little more seasoning in the croquette.


The booths are compelling and we noticed them being occupied by groups. 


There's a plethora of dining spaces including tables, booths, stools, and a killer outside area overlooking Bourke Street. Check out the picnic tables, again reflecting a trailer park.


Grand Trailer Park Taverna delivers on desserts. The Bananarama is a fun and rich winner that features Vanilla bean custard, banana ice-cream, Nutella, house made meringue, fresh banana, fresh strawberries & chocolate curls. Also a winner was the Return of the Mac with Premium vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sponge cake, warm chocolate sauce and lashings of whipped cream. We also checked out the Giant Waffle Stacks at a nearby table and they looked awesome.


Return of the Mac. Rich and rewarding.


An example of the attractive trailer like booths at Grand Trailer Park. Note the cool benches, chic colour scheme with florals and the enchanting fairy lights.


The Wait Staff told us of plans for a secret menu like In and Out burgers in California. We are wondering if 2015 will be the year of the secret menu in Melbourne.

An excellent beer and wine list and compelling cocktails are also a feature at this burger wonderland.

Grand Trailer Park has taken on the burger culture of Melbourne and redefined the landscape with its chic and brilliant fun theme, while delivering on arguably the best burgers in Melbourne. Staff encapsulate the spirit of this burger joint and add to the experience. Highly recommended.

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