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Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express Turns on the Heat in Emporium Melbourne

Dainty Sichuan is a Melbourne institution and their Emporium Melbourne restaurant is one of the best food options in the precinct. The World Loves Melbourne wantered in to Dainy Sichuan one lunchtime to see if the heat was ever present as in the other 3 Dainty Sichuan restaurants, being in a shopping centre and all. We found that Dainty Sichuan bursts out from the beige with exciting culinary options to light up Emporium Melbourne.

Dainty Sichuan boasts modern decor and colourful red lanterns, not to mention some fancy timberwork. We noticed several groups of students dining together. Obviously word has got out. After summising the scene, The World Loves Melbourne was required to line up to order at the front of the restaurant. This can be risky when you're dining alone and someone can nab your seat (and I had no bag to put there to reserve).


The menu looks top notch in terms of spicy options, and the pages of the menu colourfully show pictures of dishes. The World Loves Melbourne still needed some explanation from the waiter on heat factor across the menu. We love Emporium Melbourne's decision to bring in iconic Melbourne eateries into the dining space. You tend to get better quality fare than the usual doing it this way (specialists with flair rather than non descript).

The Beef Spicy Noodles was rewarding for $12.80, featuring a decent level of spice although you can consume the broth. The beef was served in generous portion and was super tasty, featuring slow braised stewing beef. The noodles seemed to be hand made and of high quality wheat. All in all this was a cracking dish. I ordered a Coke with this dish but it didn't match - best to order water or some other non soft drink.


Beef Spicy Noodles from another view... The heat did get to me and the waiter noticing, brought me over a jug of water. Yet I would do it all again, so tasty.


Dainty Sichuan in Emporium Melbourne is highly recommended, even though I've only visited once. They even have $3.80 snack noodle dishes here! We're keen to try more of the soup/broth dishes. We plan to return.

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