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Cumulus Inc Still On the Money

Cumulus Inc. is one of the best cafes in Melbourne but of course it is way more than a cafe.

Cumulus Inc. remains one of the premier dining destinations in Melbourne several years after it opened. Consistency has been an issue for some longstanding cafes and restaurants, and Cumulus Inc. still delivers when it comes to a standout culinary experience. Punters still flock to Cumulus Inc. amid a sea of competition in Flinders Lane and the CBD. The World Loves Melbourne decided to pop in to Cumulus Inc. one crisp Melbourne morning. Step off Flinders Lane and through the old door into a delightful warehouse/studio like space with high ceilings and large windows. If you can snare a table you're doing well here, such is the popularity.

This is not your typical cafe but can be described as a cafe and restaurant, where you can imbibe a fine breakfast, call in for coffee or glass of wine, and partake in a fabulous lunch and dinner experience. Or head upstairs to Cumulus Up. You may find yourself at Cumulus Inc. several times a day. The World Loves Melbourne has visited Cumulus Inc. many times over the years, and each experience has been "spot on". 

Coffee has always been a winner at Cumulus Inc. and this cafe is known as one of the premier coffee destinations in Melbourne. Our latte was once again perfect.

Cumulus has kept its iconic breakfast options on the menu including the Full English Breakfast, for carnivores like us who enjoy an early morning hearty breakfast.

Cumulus Inc. enjoys the little touches...

The highlight of this Full English Breakfast is the blood sausage! A quality piece of toast with fried eggs and smoked tomato along with signature Farmhouse slab bacon makes this a well rounded compelling breakfast option.

Another favourite is the Cumulus Inc. breakfast with its rewarding components or the Shakshouka baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish.

Come here for lunch and enjoy Charcuterie, Oysters, Fish and Meat and extraordinary salads and cheese. A talking point has always been the Whole Slow cooked roast lamb shoulder to share.

Cumulus Inc. has a slight air of sophistication enhanced by classic floral displays. Behind the floral display is an open kitchen where skilled chefs are at work.

Melbourne loves to recline at the bar. Corporates checking emails and preparing for the day ahead. Cumulus Inc. is iconically Melbourne, and we notice not just a favourite of locals but with out of towners looking for the best of Melbourne dining experiences.