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The Storehouse in Mt Evelyn an Impressive New Cafe on the Scene

The Storehouse in Mt Evelyn is an impressive new cafe on the scene and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to check it out. Mt Evelyn itself is a place of natural beauty near Lilydale and is easily accessible for those travelling through.

Graeme the owner told us that the cafe started out mainly as a bulk foods store where you can buy your organic produce such as nuts and grains and oats. The bulk foods area has proved popular but the cafe business has attracted a huge following among locals and out of towners.

Welcoming from the "get go" The Storehouse brings the little touches such as actually advertising babychino coffee for kids with its cups on the counter, comfy couches and rewarding dishes and service. 

The Storehouse is impressive from every angle. Simple and innovative dishes are available for breakfast and lunch with an emphasis on local and seasonal. We checked out the legendary Old Mates Eggs. Served in an egg carton and presented on a wooden board you receive Sourdough soldiers, crispy local smoked ham, avocado, relish and two perfectly cooked soft boiled free range eggs. This is a playful and rewarding dish of note. Just thinking about it makes us want to return. And it's a brilliant idea to serve the dish in an egg carton with its compartments (of course a new not used egg carton).

The sourdough itself was fresh and there was loads of it to soak up the oozy goodness from the soft boiled free range eggs. The local smoked ham was rewarding with several generous pieces. A surprise was the killer relish nestled in a compartment of the egg carton. The eggs themselves were cooked to perfection, soft and runny how we like it. Several portions of avocado stood to attention to make this a playful and rewarding meal. For $15 this was a complete breakfast. 

Other choices appeal such as superb Toasted sandwiches, Smashed avocado, Fruit fix, Mum's Lentil Salad and their sensational super salads, not to mention Chia puddings. Amazing smoothies are available including the Nutty Choc Banana and Green Machine. Yes please! The Storehouse is on trend with healthier eating options.

Coffee is serious here with the guys using boutique small roaster Capulus Coffee from Lilydale fired up on a mother of a La Marzocco. The Storehouse is about ethical coffee and all beans are certified RFA, FTO, and UTZ. Organic milk is used in the process, which produces variances, but we prefer organic milk to the alternative. The Storehouse also offers a cold drip coffee option. 

Looking at the menu we concluded The Storehouse offers great value on its menu options. Prices are more than reasonable and portions generous. Then wash your hands, grab your bucket and grab some bulk foods.

The Storehouse picks up plenty of traffic from Lilydale itself with people prepared to travel to imbibe their pleasures. Family friendly, they cater for all. Gluten friendly. Vegan friendly. Just friendly! A place where you want to hang.


Decor is modern and compelling using recycled timbers for the tables. In fact the use of timber at The Storehouse in its counter area and all through the cafe is spectacular. A couple of large Chesterfields grace the cafe, and are another area to meet and dine with a table in between. A communal table backons the keen reader. Lighting is modern and funky.

Something that struck The World Loves Melbourne was the local following that The Storehouse evokes. Free wifi is available in the cafe. Staff are vibrant, engaging and super friendly, no hipster aloofness here. These guys look after the locals and enjoy repeat business.

This place is a breath of fresh air in the cafe scene.

I'd drive from suburban Melbourne to get some of The Storehouse action. Highly recommended.

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