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The Spice Tailor Authentic Indian Sauces That Impress


The World Loves Melbourne was invited by The Spice Tailor to try some of its Indian style sauces and recreate some Indian favourite dishes at home. We were given 2 of the sauces and a couple of condiments, as well as a Coles shopping voucher to buy other ingredients.

When it comes to home cooking we aim for quick and easy, with of course no compromise in quality. With time poor pressures in play (had to go off to work) we were able to cook up the Classic Butter Chicken and the Fiery Goan Curry in no time.

Just cook up the chicken and pour in the sauce (although please read the recipe). The chicken goes a brilliant brown/golden colour...

We prepared The Fiery Goan Curry using fresh vegetables...

The Spice Tailor can be found in Aussie supermarkets with its range of 8 sauces, easily prepared by adding to say chicken or vegetables. The World Loves Melbourne was impressed by the quickness of preparing a meal using the sauces, as well as the authentic taste. We often go out for Indian food, but bemoan some of the sauces available in supermarkets as being "dumbed down" and boringly generic. 

Noticeable was that as we cooked with The Spice Tailor sauces, a compelling aroma of spice permeated the kitchen. The family was drawn to the aromas, and the verdict on the meal was a big positive. My wife commented this was the sort of taste you look for when you go out for Indian food.

Butter Chicken is India’s most popular curry. People will go to their local restaurant and order it with simple Naan for a completely satisfying meal. Getting the same experience at home has always been a challenge but the Classic Butter Chicken really delivers but without all the extra butter (you can obviously add this at home!).

A good butter chicken is tomatoey, creamy, slightly smoky and mildly spicy and this delicious curry really hits the mark! Although it is a butter chicken, it is actually a really versatile sauce and can be eaten with the Indian cheese Paneer, but also fish, prawns, seafood and lamb. You can also add some spinach or peas or other vegetables to the dish depending on your mood.

The Fiery Goan Curry was how we like it; with some "kick" and not dumbed down. (We served the Butter Chicken and Fiery Goan Curry together).

We have all heard of a vindaloo and some of us may have tried it but often what a typical curry house calls a vindaloo is really far from a real one. We don’t all know and understand, yet, the beautiful flavours that surround chilli-led Goan food. A dish can be spicy but this shouldn’t be its most endearing or memorable quality. The spicy flavours of Goa are really delicious with a few specific spices are cooked with tomatoes, vinegar, tamarind, onions to balance, and of course, local red chillies.

This dish is fiery for sure but also really delicious and moreish like some of the world’s other best loved spicy dishes. This goes amazingly well with pork, chicken, lamb and even seafood and boiled eggs. For those of you who can’t help love the flavour but find it a bit too spicy, add some coconut milk or cream.

The Spice Tailor original range of authentic Indian Sauces, Chutnis & Pickles has been lovingly developed by popular TV Chef & Cookery Writer Anjum Anand - check it out on

The Spice Tailor are some of Anjum Anand's favourite dishes; a range of 8 sauces which all have their own individual characters. Anjum Anand wanted to showcase the best of India's many dishes and has tried to make them more relevant to our busy lifestyles by making them lighter and easier to cook. 

Everyone loves a good curry. These are curries that are authentic in flavour, light enough to have as a midweek meal but also special and elegant enough to serve to friends and family. The accompaniments of Original Mango Chutni and Peanut and Tamarind Chutni were superb, making our meal rich but well balanced. 

The Spice Tailor has been highly acclaimed - awarded Best New Product of the Year 2012 - World Food Awards. Our family loved these products. Highly recommended.