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Patricia's Coffee Roasters

Another nondescript entrance greets the coffee lover as you try to find Patricia’s in a laneway next to the 500 Bourke St precinct. Behind that nondescript entrance is a world of serious coffee devotion and a fresh concept from Bowen Holden (ex Seven Seeds) that delivers with class and flair.

 The high note is the coffee, which is simplified by the 3 options of black, white and filter. But behind the simple options there is much thought and acumen and the great idea of sourcing the best coffee from popular Melbourne coffee spots. It’s great when you can promote Proud Mary and Seven Seeds in the same breath. Or Market Lane and Small Batch in another.

The philosophy around a 3 options coffee choice is that most white coffees are separated by a degree or two of froth. Yes only 3 options, but the 3 options are great! What is great is if you consume on site they will supply you with decent mineral water, indeed a palate cleanser, which draws parallels with wine tasting.

As there are no tables here it is not a place to linger for hours. It’s tailor made for city workers who have limited time to grab a coffee and head back to meetings and the mountain of emails.

Order a sublime coffee and a fresh pastry and make your way to a section of the counter along the wall. The coffee is as smooth as velvet. Check out the news board with pages of The Age set out on display. There’s a great ambience here with cool lamps on the wall, white tiles, the menu board saying “black, white, filter”, the dark timber floor, Dali speakers, and the stunning neon sign above the baristas with the word “sunshine”. Chic if not clever.

With serious coffee equipment and friendly baristas and an up tempo feel (David Bowie Lets Dance playing over the system), it is hard not to love Patricia Coffee Brewers. Patricia Coffee Brewers is a standout café sure to become many coffee lovers’ new favourite place.