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World Best Coffee in Your Office


Promised Land Coffee is taking the corporate coffee scene by storm in providing world best coffee for your office. The World Loves Melbourne was part of a Promised Land coffee demonstration at Colebrook Bosson Saunders in Docklands where employees were shown the bespoke benefits of exclusive world best coffee, tea and hot chocolate delivered to your office at affordable prices.


We are at the precipice of a new era of coffee in Melbourne. Coffee in Melbourne is reaching a tipping point. Surpassing the “third-wave” movement of the nineties and noughties more and more Melbourne coffee drinkers are opting for the pure, unadulterated form of filter coffee (as opposed to espresso) in more ways than one. It started a few years ago with Assembly in Carlton - a pioneering filter-only “espresso “ bar in Melbourne, followed shortly by Everyday Coffee in Collingwood and more recently Filter on Collins. The vast majority of high-end specialty outfits in Melbourne are not only offering filter coffee as an option, but excelling in it.


 (This filter coffee revolution isn't only evidenced by the vast number of specialty cafes offering filter coffee, nor the overwhelming local demand for the filter grinder - a MAHLKÖNIG EK 43 model filter grinders - currently sold out and on backorder across the country!)


 But what is filter coffee anyway? It’s pure, unapologetic way to drink coffee: usually a light roast, the beans are not roasted to the point of espresso where some of the subtleties are “roasted out” and brewed using water and a paper filter. Hence filter coffee.


There is another first for Melbourne, however... Promised Land Coffee - birthed out of the specialty culture of Melbourne - is launching an entirely new, and never seen before subscription service that delivers hot airpot urns filled to the brim with high-grade specialty filter coffee to every morning. Aimed at corporate offices and then cafes, it’s the perfect brew delivered daily to you!


And the great news? If there's any left over it can go in the fridge for a beautiful cold brew the next day. Companies who partner with Promised Land Coffee can now offer specialty coffee to their employees and clients! It is the perfect way to impress.


PLC founder Jonathon Sciola says, “ It (the Filter coffee revolution) is evident by the natural and emerging demand for the purity and power of the product. The demand is natural because the palate of true coffee connoisseurs inevitably leads to a desire for the pure form of coffee only produced by the light and delicate roast of filter coffees. We also offer specialty grade coffee beans. hot chocolate and single origin teas to wholesale account. That is why we have the tagline: The best coffee. Everywhere.”


To provide their customers with a holistic range of specialty products Promised Land Coffee supply premium drinking chocolate and specialty tea - the finest quality that you would expect in Melbourne’s boutique cafes. Every cup of Promised Land Coffee sponsors education projects in the countries where they source their beans. The first project they are sponsoring is in Ethiopia.

Promised Land Coffee is leading the way of the filter coffee revolution. They are proud to be taking the coffee-city one step further into it’s emerging destiny as the worlds coffee capital. Their subscription service is the perfect solution for modern corporate needs.