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The 24 Hour Experience at Festival of Live Art

flinders lane

The 24 Hour Experience is Melbourneʼs most exciting participatory live art event, on the horizon for the 29th – 30th of March 2014. The event will be presented as part of the 2014 Festival of Live Art.

A ʻliving documentaryʼ of Melbourne, The 24 Hour Experience unfolds in real time, offering 24 distinct live works in a different CBD location on the hour, every hour, over a twenty-four hour period. The works are developed by a team of ten artists and ordinary people who have been inspired by the poetic minutiae of everyday life, including artists Jonathan auf der Heide, Georgina Naidu and Penelope Bartlau.
Set in a Melbourne laneway, acclaimed director Jonathan auf der Heide (Van Diemenʼs Land 2009) explores the gothic nature of Australiaʼs wilderness in Marus Clark Landscapes. The work is a projection of landscapes onto three graffitiʼd walls, examining how the untamed landscape was a source of fear in the eyes of early settlers. The projection is accompanied by the writings of poet Marcus Clarke, and includes screenings of films Hellʼs Gates (2008) and The Day Before Yesterday.
In Behind the Public Eye, acclaimed performer and director Susie Dee presents vignettes and other installed moment of womensʼ use of the public convenience. In the underbelly of Elizabeth Streetʼs toilets, a number of cubicles will house installations, consisting of both sound and audiovisual material. Live performance art will unfurl, as a variety of diverse characters make their way in and out of this private and revealing environment.
In the midst of Melbourne City Baths, Penelope Bartlau explores the female experience of aging through the lens of sport and synchronised swimming in Bathing Beauties. Five swimmers perform, prompting the audience to think about one of life’s big questions: What does it feel like to inhabit a body that no longer looks like it use to? The work moves through reflections on youth and competitiveness, body image and aging.
The 24 Hour Experience has a strong participation element, blurring the lines between audience and performer by drawing observers into the experience through synchronised swimming, wheelchair adventures around the city, a mini hot air balloon send-off, and a myriad of other activities designed to reveal the hidden perspectives of Melbourne.
The 24 pieces have been created through engaging with a series of community organisations steering the project, including partnerships with The Australian Multicultural Foundation, Ozanam House, Travellerʼs Aid Australia and Melbourne City Mission. It brings together a group of Victoriaʼs leading artists, including conceiving artist Gorkem Acaroglu, writer Raimondo Cortese, as well as Sapidah Kian, Georgina Naidu and Greg Ulfan.
Tickets to the 24 Hour Experience will be available for purchase via the website. The 12 hour and 24 hour passes to the event are fully catered for, including food, drink and quiet places to snatch a quick catnap during the 24 hour.
The 24 Hour Experience is running a Pozible campaign from December 2nd 2013 – January 17th 2014, with a target of $10,000.