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Escapism at Strike QV

escapism puzzle room: A real life interactive puzzle game where you and your team mates have 50 minutes to unravel the clues and figure your way out of a locked room. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the new Strike QV 2.0 check out this phenomenon launching in QV Melbourne.
What makes this unique is that you are actually inside the game and part of the story. Escape puzzle rooms are a phenomenon in Japan, Thailand and the USA and are the number one attraction on TripAdvisor in Singapore, Jakarta and Singapore.
Each game is an an interactive room full of fiendish puzzles where you work with your team to solve the riddles and try and escape within 50 minutes. 
This set of games was designed and built in Melbourne with the puzzles being set with the best puzzle room experts from Singapore. If you are someone that loves a challenge, like answering riddles and wants your brain put to the test, then this is the game for you.
escapism: Think outside the room