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Your mattress cares for you, do you care for your mattress?

Every night we climb into bed, basking in all its glory.

It’s just so thoughtful, warm and toasty! After a stressful day, it welcomes us with open arms. What’s not to love about bed? It’s so good – I rate it up there with Vegemite and Avocado on toast. Mmmm delicious! 

Even when your bed’s not made, it doesn’t matter. It’s still all good. We trust and rely on it to carry us through each night and into every day. It’s our rock. Without feeling like we’re laying on rocks.  And for those who feel their mattress does actually feel like a bed of rocks, there’s no need to sleep like Wilma Flintstone. You deserve your mattress to feel like a bed of roses.

Australian made mattresses feel like a bed of roses, no wonder they’re happy little “Vegemites(with a rose in every cheek) when they wake up!

If you’re a happy little “Vegemite” when you wake up, show your mattress how much you care by following these starry-eyed care tips….

  • To prolong the life of your mattress and keep it clean and not on the nose, use your upholstery attachment on your vacuum to remove dust, allergens, hair and dander.
  • Then protect your King or Queen with a quality, machine washable mattress protector. This ensures spills, stains or perspiration can’t readily invade your pride and joy. 
  • It’s easy to maintain your mattress’s form too by placing it on a bed frame. This stops it from sagging in the centre. King or Queen mattresses benefit from this especially as it prevents bowing.
  • When placing your mattress on a bed frame, don’t lift or carry it by its handles or straps either. They’re only there to help reposition the mattress once it’s carefully laid on the frame.  It’s also advantageous if you can remember to turn your mattress every two months.  As you’d well know, we tend to crash out or sleep in the same spot every night and this can lead to unevenness. The best way to rotate your mattress is by turning it from the foot of the bed and flipping it over.
  • Removing food or unwanted stains isn’t a stress although it sounds like it would be. I was taught by mum that a mild soap like Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar or Sard Wonder Soap Stick, works wonders! Simply treat the area and wipe off with a clean, dampened cloth (best to dampen cloth in cold water to protect the mattress fibres and materials).
  • For those who’d like to try and make their own more natural detergents, you can make your own stain removers with white vinegar. There’s lots of handy recipes here. You can also sprinkle your mattress with baking soda to keep it neutralised and help keep any odours from developing.
  • I was at a friend’s house recently when she was in the midst of a cleaning frenzy and she’d just stripped the beds. She mentioned that she was waiting an hour or so before putting fresh linen on to allow time for the mattress to air and help keep it fresh. I thought that was a nice idea and I have done so ever since. I even leave the beds stripped bare when we go away for the weekend.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to show your mattress how much you appreciate its care and support. By implementing a few of these hints and tips, you will keep your mattress a happy little Vegemite too. Now, whose up for some Vegemite and Avocado on toast! 

Image credit: OzMattress website