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Our fun experience at Smiles of Melbourne


There's been a rise in the demand for teeth whitening - one of the easiest treatments to look younger and to brighten up that smile. Smiles of Melbourne is a teeth whitening clinic in Macedon St in Lower Templestowe with Dr Ramy Georgy an experienced Principal Dentist who loves to see people leave happy with a brilliant smile. Previously in Mitcham, Dr Ramy was receiving so many bookings for teeth whitening that he opened up this clinic in Lower Templestowe with four studios offering teeth whitening services. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along for a one hour treatment and to see the results using the prescription grade whitening formula.

Walk up the stairs to the well appointed reception room and studio.


Dr Ramy loves his job in improving customers' smiles. He told The World Loves Melbourne that his professional treatment is at 25% concentration while many treatments not performed by a dentist and home whitening packs only offer 6% concentration. Clients fill out the customer questions like any professional dentist. Then Dr Ramy explains the procedure step by step. You are welcomed into a comfortable white dentist chair, simply sit back while the affable and professional Dr Ramy applies the protection to your gums and cheeks and prepares you for the activation light treatment.

Then just relax while you receive two sessions of 15 minute concentrated treatment. It's easy and painless (I guess some people have sensitivities but Dr Ramy limits these with an improved formula).

We were thrilled with the results of the teeth whitening treatment...

Packs are available to "top up" the treatment after a few months - a handy purchase.

After a teeth whitening treatment it's recommended you stay away from food that stains while your teeth ares sensitive. This can include tea, coffee, red wine, and sauces. Dr Ramy recommends if you need to drink wine then drink white over red. If you're going to have pasta have white sauce rather than red sauce. As we went to dinner a few doors down for pizza, we made sure we ordered the Goats Cheese ravioli with the white sauce.

Dr Ramy Georgy is a great guy and professional dentist who loves his job. Check out the Smiles of Melbourne website and Instagram, as well as the hashtag #smilesofmelbourne. Get on it.