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Best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne 2020

Best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne based on our experiences in the Melbourne CBD and in the burbs. BBQ has a huge following in Melbourne with restaurants, festivals and a rise in the number of people with smokers in their backyard. Here are our best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne.

Fancy Hanks 

Fancy Hanks has taken the humble BBQ restaurant and reimagined the concept with sensational quality BBQ, fine presentation and an attractive restaurant in Bourke St in Melbourne CBD. Many BBQ lovers first choice and one of the best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne. Having visited Fancy Hanks many times over the years, we can vouch for a top notch experience each time, with a predominantly Texan feel. Fancy Hanks lives up to its name bringing finery to BBQ. Recently I recommended Fancy Hanks to interstate friends and our group was raving about this premium Melbourne BBQ experience. The stars of the show shine such as Texan style Victorian baby back pork ribs and 14-hour smoked Rangers Valley brisket, but also indulge in some of the lesser lights such as Pulled lamb shoulder, devilled eggs and croquettes, as well as fried cauliflower.

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Red Gum BBQ

Red Gum BBQ exceeded our expectations on our visit and is surely one of the best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne (even though located in Red Hill on Mornington Peninsula). Strengths include us of quality meats and ingredients, free range, cooking perfection using Australian hardwoods, use of homemade sauces, and an attractive restaurant with exceptional table service.Melt in your mouth world class Grass-fed Cape Grim brisket and St Louis style free range ribs @redgumbbq on the Mornington Peninsula were epic, not to mention Buffalo chicken wings, creamy Mac n cheese, top notch salads and sensational Brisket chilli cheese fries. Local beers and innovative soft drinks were also a highlight. Dessert brownie was a showstopper. 
Co-owners Melissa & Martin Goffin are working wonders with their BBQ, and Red Gum BBQ is in our opinion one of the best bbq joints in Australia.⁣ 

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Le Bon Ton

Le Bon Ton exudes a charm in Collingwood with its Southern American style and vibe, and an excellent garden. We tend to go for the Smoker's Lot which brings the best of Le Bon Ton with Angas beef brisket, pork shoulder, smoky chicken and spict Cajun sausages. A recent discovery was the bottomless brunch with a cracking brisketbreakfast burrito. The Mac & 3 cheese is also a highlight along with Smoky Chicken Wings. Also a place we've visited over the years with fond memories.

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Meatworks in South Melbourne is another fabulous Melbourne BBQ experience, a labour of love of Lindsay Jones-Evans. The retro fit out in this former 1930s garage has a charm, and the standout BBQ meat dishes are also complemented by seafood and vegetable dishes. Our experience at Meatworks was Memphis style meaning served dry with the customer to pour on sauce to suit taste. We enjoyed the Full rack Dry rubbed pork ribs featuring a spicy rub being the order of the day. Also a smoky sausage, apple slaw and shoestring fries were compelling.

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Meatmaiden in CBD has been a BBQ mainstay in Melbourne for years. Like Fancy Hanks it's a more up market offering than most using both grilled and smoked techniques. We've enjoyed good times in the Meatmaiden basement from the custom built smoker using Ironbark from the Blue Mountains. The dry ageing meat cabinet catches the eye.

Also check out the 6 taps of local craft beer.

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Burn City Test Kitchen

Burn City prides itself on real wood fired BBQ with a presence in South Kingsville.Check out the 14 hour Smoked beef brisket, the 8 hour Smoked Beef Short Rib, and the large chicken wings. With four smokers this is a serious BBQ joint, and the prices are reasonable for top quality BBQ offerings. Having spoken with the owner, this is a BBQ destination of passion, and they are geared up to cater for events as well as a dine in experience.

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San Antone

San Antone has been a fabulous addition to Crown precinct since it opened years ago and we were able to meet the man himself Kevin Bludso (from Compton Los Angeles). Top notch Texan BBQ brisket and ribs here with iconic smokehouse flavours. We've also appreciated the happy hour at San Antone with cocktails a feature here. When we met Kevin he told us is was all about "slow and low". We were also told they source quality meats from Victoria. Kevin's restaurant in LA is acclaimed as one of the best BBQ joints in America, and San Antone in Crown is a fabulous BBQ experience.

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Big Boy BBQ

Big Boy BBQ is an original BBQ restaurant of Melbourne and another place I have visited frequently over the years, the brainchild of BBQ aficionado Lance Rosen, currently in Caulfield South. The Southern Grace Menu offers combos of meat and three sides and ribs and three sides. The meats are rubbed with spices and feature Kansas style ribs, spicy wings, pulled pork and lamb and crunchy chips.

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Another BBQ joint that is many BBQ lovers first choice as the best BBQ restaurant in Melbourne. We've visited Bluebonnet in various locations over the years (now in Brunswick) and they shine with Texas style BBQ. Once again it's not all about the meat dishes and vegetarians may enjoy dishes such as wood-roasted broccoli or chargrilled sweetcorn. Check out the Smoked black angus beef brisket, pulled lamb shoulder, and the Bourbom, ancho & peach glazed St Louis pork ribs. Not to mention the sausage of the day.

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Kong in Richmond is often seen as a Korean style restaurant but we also see it as one of the best BBQ restaurants in Melbourne. Along with kimchi and Korean spicy food you will find the barbeque pit and exceptional BBQ dishes such as Fried chicken tray, BBQ baby back pork ribs with Kong crazy horse chilli, and Beef short rib. Many of the BBQ joints in Melbourne are Texan style so it's refreshing to find BBQ with Korean influences. The natural fire in the Fire Pit BBQ uses chemical free charcoal and Australian hardwood. A favourite of ours over the years has been the iconic Bossam BBQ tray with chicken, pork belly, miso lamb, smoked Angas brisket and kimchi. Wings are a big deal here including Korean fried wings, Hot Wings and BBQ soy wings.

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