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David Hagger has a penchant for finery, convivial dining, and festive culture. 

For general enquiries about The World Loves Melbourne, including us possibly running your social media, contact us at david[at]theworldlovesmelbourne[dot]com.


Melbourne is the world's most liveable and loveable city.

As Melbourne "tragics" we rave about its people, infrastructure, climate, beauty, parks, and educational facilities - not to mention it's laneways, coffee culture and shopping precincts.

We at The World Loves Melbourne celebrate the best of Melbourne - its people, its food, its art, sport, fashion and culture.

We celebrate the rich diversity of Melbourne as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Over 150 nation groups here in significance (bearing in mind there are around only 220 countries in the world). The world is here.

We can say the world loves Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of the great culinary capitals of the world. Again, because of its diversity. How amazing is the range of quality cuisine from so many nationalities. For years fine dining was the business of the toffs. Now dining is accessible. Eating out is part of the fabric of Melbourne like no other city. This should be celebrated.

We point to the best cafes and restaurants having visited and reviewed over 1000 restaurants. There's some we don't like and feel don't measure up. We write the odd negative review - but on the whole we'd rather not write about some places than "slag" them. Owners and chefs and staff of restaurants put so much passion and effort into their work and they can have a bad day. They don't need a critical blog post to rain on their labour of love.

If you enjoy the food reviews on this site we think we're highlighting some of the best culinary experiences in Melbourne. This includes fine dining restaurants, but also establishments that are humble but worth a visit. We celebrate establishments for what they are...

We've spent thousands of dollars in working our way through the culinary experiences of this city. Sometimes we get a freebie but seek to be objective (with disclosures). This site was birthed in a passion to celebrate Melbourne and we want to keep the passion... The world loves foodie Melbourne.

We also recognise Melbourne as a global fashion destination. There are so many great fashion events in Melbourne, as well as so many talented designers and fashion retail outlets based in this city. The world loves fashion Melbourne.

In terms of lifestyle and sport, Melbourne is unparalleled. The MCG, the Melbourne Cup, The Australian Open, the AFL, the list goes on... The greatest sporting city in the world. The world loves sporting Melbourne.

Then there's arts and culture. So many world class shows at Arts Centre Melbourne and other theatres and venues. The world loves arts Melbourne.

We know Melbourne has its problems like any other city. The news is full of bad reports of the crime and tragic events of city life. We are real but want to celebrate this city and its people as being one of the greatest cities in the world.

The world loves Melbourne!