Best Winery Dishes in Victoria

Best winery dishes of Victoria is a tall order to select. We had to visit numerous wineries in our quest. Someone has to do it. Our belief is that food at a winery shouldn't just be basic options that appeal to the broadest amount of people; there should be some savvy. Share plates are a great way to go as winery dining is mostly geared around relaxing and informal dining where friends can connect.

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Best Bircher and Granola Muesli Breakfast Dishes in Melbourne

Bircher muesli? Granola? Looking for that perfect start to the day? We love an oats fix in the mornings, although we see many brunch style dishes on Melbourne menus as all day items. Bircher goes back to the last century with the Swiss, and was more "mushy" than some of the drier types we see today, but still with the power of fruit. Bircher revolves around oats that are baked, often with nuts, seeds and fruit. Here are some of our favourites in Melbourne.

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Benny Burger by Shannon Bennett Launches in Richmond

Recently launched in Richmond (a burger belt in Melbourne), Benny Burger is a revelation. This burger house, the brainchild of legendary Australian chef and businessman Shannon Bennett, looks to shake things up in "burgerland" and it succeeds in doing so. "The Ethical Burger" is a big claim but Shannon delivers at so many levels, and the emphasis on sustainable and organic produce is groundbreaking for a burger house. You won't want to go back to over processed burgers after having visited Benny Burger. Benny Burger is also a celebration of Shannon's father who ostensibly loved a burger or two. Benny Burger comes across as a labour of love (a trend has been to describe new restaurants by restaurateurs as "love childs"). The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the launch of Benny Burger and was highly impressed by the offering.

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Winter Feasting at Southgate Restaurants

Where to go in Winter? Southgate is the place to be with a plethora of attractive dining and bar options! You can move from place to place as we did on our media progressive dinner to experience the highlights of Southgate.

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The Pie Shop Opens in East Brunswick

The good ol’ Aussie pie. Is there anything better? Chefs Matt Wilkinson (Pope Joan) and Steve Rogers (ex Circa, Movida) have opened The Pie Shop – a new pastry-filled paradise – at 75 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick and The World Loves Melbourne was invited along soon after the launch . The verdict - worth a drive across town.

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Visit to Yarra Valley Caviar and Four Pillars Gin

The World Loves Melbourne jumped at a bus trip with media to Yarra Valley Caviar organised by Wendy Hargreaves followed by a visit to Four Pillars Distillery. This was the first time I'd met the boys at Yarra Valley Caviar and the news is they’re not just producing their own salmon roe… they’re now importing European caviar as well. 

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Jerry Mai to Open Annam Restaurant

Get excited Melbourne - a culinary luminary is set to spread her wings even further.  Chef Jerry Mai of Pho Nom at Emporium and Collins Street has settled on a site to open Annam Restaurant Bar, her latest Vietnamese restaurant offering in August 2017.

The new establishment will remain true to her Vietnamese roots, however it will take a different direction from her current restaurants.

Located at 56 Little Bourke Street in the CBD, this new enterprise will offer a wider dining experience. It also introduces a new venture with friend and business partner Rani Doyle of The National Hotel, Richmond (another venue we love).

Annam is named after a region of central Vietnam that holds the countries cultural capital, Hue. Indeed it was the name that was used to describe the country during the French Indochina occupation.

The menu of both the kitchen and the bar of Annam will strongly reflect the modernity and energy of Vietnam today, embracing its diverse multi-cultural history.

The restaurant, designed by architect Emlyn Olaver, delivers an energetic and friendly environment with rustic exposed walls surrounding a cross section of seating, from large communal tables and intimate banquets to bar stools. Reclaimed materials and neon signs surround the noise and action of the open kitchen, transporting customers to the energy of an Asian street market.

Originally from Vietnam, Jerry Mai arrived as a refuge to Australia in 1984. Her cuisine is a happy combination of her deep-rooted respect for Australian produce and way of life, married with her Vietnamese recipes and culture.

As with her previous establishments, all of Jerry’s produce will come direct from growers and producers she knows and trusts.

Rani Doyle has a wealth of bar and beverage experience in the city and will be responsible for all of the drinks offering. The energy of the bar and open kitchen will deliver a robust and lively environment for diners to enjoy all day dining.

The menu itself will have a strong bias to charcoal cooking, an area that Jerry has spent the last year or so exploring. An onsite oven that makes charcoal in house and to requirement will feature, allowing the kitchen total control over flavour and precision cooking. Annam is located at 56 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Opening mid August 2017. Hours 12.00 midday to late, open all day. We can't wait!

Carne Grill Restaurant in Chirnside Park: Gateway to the Yarra Valley

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience the exciting new Carne Grill just off Maroondah Highway in Chirnside Park (opposite the Chirnside Park Shopping centre) - part of the Eastridge Entertainment Precinct new gateway to the Yarra Valley. This is a top notch development that lights up the region in terms of its class and gourmet offerings.

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Kisumé Opens on Flinders Lane

The World Loves Melbourne is excited by the recent launch of Kisumé in Flinders Lane. Chris Lucas has the ability to nail Melbourne in every way, to stay fresh and relevant and innovative and tap into what the punters want. Or at least maybe the punters didn't know what they wanted but they do now. The World Loves Melbourne has visited Kisumé for a soiree and we are looking to return soon. If there are people in this city adding to the reputation of Melbourne as a global foodie hub, then Chris Lucas and friends are part of that.

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Best Melbourne Markets - Dandenong Market Tour

If you live in Melbourne and haven't visited Dandenong Market then you must. This is one of the great foodie destinations of Melbourne, with a unique personality and 150 nationalities under one roof. Each market in Melbourne has its strengths but there are many attributes of Dandenong Market you don't get anywhere else.

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Best Breakfast Burgers in Melbourne

Best Breakfast Burgers in Melbourne - a serious culinary business. The humble breakfast burger has a prize place in the hearts of Melbourne foodies and we've searched for the best in Melbourne...

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Pepperjack Shiraz #MadeforSteak Event at South Press

Red wine and steak are the perfect match. Everyone knows that. It was amazing to attend the Made for Steak event featuring Pepperjack Shiraz and Hopkins River Beef at South Press Winehouse in South Yarra. As steak and shiraz aficionados, David and Ted from The World Loves Melbourne were delighted to attend this premium event with select media. World class wine and steak.

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Young Gun of Wine 2017 at The Prince Bandroom

Young Gun of Wine, the world’s most rigorous young winemaker competition, has presented a Top 50 Event for the first time where 50 of Australia’s best young and emerging winemakers were revealed at an event in Melbourne at The Prince Band Room. Over 250 wine enthusiasts packed The Prince Band Room at Circa to enthusiastically cheer on the top 50.

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Good Beer Week 2017 A World Acclaimed Event

The wait is over - Good Beer Week 2017 has launched with the Good Beer Week Opening Night Party at the Festival Hub, Beer DeLuxe Federation Square. The World Loves Melbourne is invited to several events and we are a fan of this exceptional festival.

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Massi Restaurant Bringing Italian Piedmont Elegance to Little Collins St

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a media dinner at Massi owned by Melbourne’s Sicilian son, Chef Joseph Vargetto in Melbourne’s Little Collins Street. The little brother to iconic Kew eatery Mister Bianco, Massi offers morning coffee and cakes, lunch and the popular aperitivo hour. We are fans of Mister Bianco, but we soon discovered Massi has a rich personality of its own.

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Eat Street Melbourne Celebrating the Seasons

Eat Street 2017 is consistently one of the best events on the Melbourne calendar and one of the most significant in it's charity impact. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along and was taken on a journey through our food and beverage seasons, bringing together Melbourne’s best chefs and Australia’s top wine & beverage companies at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins. Rooms were dedicated to Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. 

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South Melbourne Market Celebrates 150 Years

South Melbourne Market is inviting the public to take a trip down memory lane with its 150 Years of The Village Market Exhibition. Part of the year-long celebrations to mark the Market’s 150th anniversary, the exhibition showcases the long and colourful history through the eyes of those who have known it best – the traders, shoppers and local residents. It features memories, stories, photos, films, historical information and artefacts from the Port Phillip City Collection.

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Plumm Glassware Ticket To Taste at Project 49 in Collingwood

Plumm Glassware offers top notch glassware for those serious about wine. A proudly Australian company Plumm brings the best of European glassware to the table. This was a great event! The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a fabulous Plumm event at Project 49 in Collingwood where we were given glassware to experience the nuances between shape of the glass and appreciation of the wine.

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