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Som Tam Thai Restaurant A Standout in Thornbury


Som Tam Thai Restaurant in Thornbury has become one of the leading Thai restaurants in Melbourne and hugely popular. When it comes to Thai food customers are preferring authenticity including levels of spice. Som Tam Thai Restaurant Melbourne delivers the Thai classics with a modern touch.

At Som Tam Thai Restaurant there's an emphasis on smaller dishes so that groups can enjoy a communal style dining experience and experience the broad appeal of the menu.

For a starter try the Moo satay featuring marinated collar pork, coconut cream, lemongrass, tumeric with Thai peanut sauce or the Som Tham featuring Green papaya, snake bean, roasted peanuts, lime, palm sugar, tamarind sauce and fresh prawn. 


When looking for a great Thai restaurant we enjoy fresh flavoursome ingredients and clever use of spice. Spring rolls need to be crispy, the curries need to be creamy and pack a punch, and a great Thai restaurant will master fish dishes like Som Tam Thai Restaurant does with the steamed Barramundi. 


The signature dish here is the Som Tam - which is a Thai papaya salad. This dish is hugely popular in Thailand, such as the hills of Chang Mai, where there are several versions of this classic dish. It fits well with the health revolution being low in fat. The preparation process involves a mortar and pestle, as the word "tom" means to "crush" or to "pound". Also the green papaya is firm and is then shredded with strands throughout the dish. It comes together as a cacophony of flavour.

Pad Thai is also a standard as to how great a Thai restaurant can be - and at Som Tam Thai Restaurant there's an impressive version with a twist featuring Jantaburee rice stick noodle, prawn, palm sugar, tamarind, bean curd, chive beansprouts and peanut. 

Melbourne also loves its pork belly dishes and Som Tam delivers when it comes to pork belly. We enjoy a crispy pork belly dish, such as at Som Tam Thai Restaurant.

Exciting is the Roast Duck Curry featuring 5 spice roast duck, fresh berry, longan, and Thai spice red curry. The sheer range of curries here is tantalising. It's also hard to resist a great Massamun Beef Curry and the Jungle Curry with extra spice is appealing.

There's also a trend in Melbourne for Thai restaurants to impress with ambience, and Som Tam Thai Restaurant has ambience in spades. This is tasteful without the kitsch. A modern fit out with exposed brick, large light shades, cool artwork, and modern tables is alluring.

Thornbury has become a culinary delight and Som Tam Thai Restaurant is a shining light in the Thornbury Village.

From a health point of view there are several positives such as no MSG, gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

Som Tam Thai Restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, and lunch from Tuesday to Friday.