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  • 23 Best Foodie Experiences 2016

    The World Loves Melbourne had some amazing foodie experiences in 2016 and here are our top 23 foodie experiences (not in order). We also enjoyed many top notch events and launches and several amazing corporate box experiences in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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  • Lulu Cafe and Gallery

    LULU Cafe and Gallery is a shining European style haven in North Melbourne for foodies and art lovers alike. This is surely one of the hidden gems of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to LULU Cafe and Gallery to sample the menu (including breakfast/lunch all day menu as well as the dinner menu) and was highly impressed.

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  • Hopscotch New Urban Beer Bar

    Cue Southbank’s latest resident, HOPSCOTCH. Found on the riverside promenade overlooking the city, Melbourne’s new Urban Beer Bar is more like your dream backyard, complete with 30 flavours of beer on tap. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to the launch Head Chef, Adam Baughan’s menu is next level street food with worldly flavours that certainly pack a punch – Baughan recommends the Beer Can Chicken (winner winner chicken dinner), The Reuben and Bearded Beef Lover brewer board.

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  • Chadstone Unveils Massive Expansion

    More than 60 new retail stores, two new dining precincts and a new state-of-the-art HOYTS cinema complex have opened this week, when the first and most significant phase of Chadstone’s $660 million development was officially unveiled to excited shoppers under its iconic Australian-first glass gridshell roof. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the VIP launch.

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  • Best Craft Beer Places in Melbourne

    The World Loves Melbourne has some favourite craft beer bars and restaurants in Melbourne. sometimes you just need somewhere to meet with friends for a friendly "sesh" and some matching food.

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  • Best Pizza Restaurants in Melbourne

    Where is the best pizza in Melbourne? Wood fired pizzas, gourmet pizzas and Italian style are fashionable. We are evolving this article all the time but have our favourites.

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  • Best Burgers in Melbourne

    Best burgers in Melbourne, we have searched high and low for the best this city has to offer. The humble burger has risen in status to be a gourmet item of choice on menus across Melbourne. Culinary giants are making their own burger versions for customers. There seems to be a trend away from old school burgers to burgers that incorporate more gourmet and quality ingredients. The trend is away from the huge burger to something almost stylish and smaller - yet packs a punch.

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  • 20 More Top Dishes to Try in Melb

    What are the best dishes in Melbourne right now? We've been out and about sourcing the hottest and best dishes in Melbourne. Check out this list of 20 Must Try dishes in Melbourne.

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Visit to Merricks Creek

Visit to Merricks Creek

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Fancy Hanks Centre Stage

Fancy Hanks Centre Stage

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Daylesford Trip

Daylesford Trip

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Best Cheap Eats

Best Cheap Eats Melbourne


Why Z-wave technology is all the rage

 vera lite z wave controller c3c

Many Australians are jumping at the thought of taking their home into the 21st century. In the 1990’s, Australians were presented with weekly television shows such as Beyond 2000, which would discuss the possibilities of smart technology in the home and how it would improve our lifestyle. Fast forward to the present and you will find many Australians already engaging with smart technology through their mobile devices and home entertainment systems.

The technology that has catapulted people’s ability to create smart homes is Z-wave technology. If this all sounds new to you, strap on your seatbelt as we bring you up to speed on wonders that Z-wave can bring into your home.

What is Z-wave?

Z-wave is the technology that allows your home to become automated. If you envisioned yourself living in the home of the future, Z-wave is the technology that will power the functionality of an automated home. Z-wave accomplishes home automation by sending commands through wireless communication to other devices. It has quickly become popular with homeowners who are keen to set up their Z-wave network inside their home to automate their security, lights, thermostats and more.

The Z-wave range is licensed. This means that the products and modules are manufactured by several different companies. There is a wireless mesh network that is used to communicate with the different devices. While the Z-wave range is more expensive than other automation modules and products, it is by far the most reliable automation software on the market. You can find out more on Z-wave range here. 

remotec z wave thermostat fce

What you can do to get started?

By now, you should be feeling pretty excited about the opportunities that Z-wave technology can bring into your home. To get started, we recommend following these steps.

1.     You need to invest in a controller.

The controller will be the heart of your network. You will need to configure the device to pair with the other devices inside your home.  One of the popular items includes the Vera Lite Z-Wave controller; which is compact and powerful. It is also relatively inexpensive, retailing from $239.

The setup is pretty straightforward as it plugs straight into your Wi-Fi connection and you can manage the functions in your home from your computer or smart mobile devices.

2.     Invest in home automation devices.

The devices will be items such as locks, lights and thermostats. Some of the products include:

Light switches – You will need to invest in a relay switch that will allow you to automate your lighting controls. There are plug-in options that will allow you to automate your lamps manually or remotely with a controller. This option is handy if you don’t want to deal with any new or excess wiring inside your home.

Another option is to set up a micro relay that can be wired into your place discreetly. The Fibaro Dual Micro Relay is one solution that can be wired into an existing powerpoint or behind an existing lightswitch.

Thermostats – What better way to enhance the interior of your home than by implementing climate control. Walk into tropical weather in the winter and feel refreshed in the summertime. Climate control appliances such as the Remotec Z-Wave Thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home.

Security locks and sensors – There is a wide range of security automation products available. Lock and sensor option can enhance the security of your home. One interesting option is the Lockwood Z-wave keypad deadlock, which is ideal for new doors or replacement locks on your door. Simply install a master code and provide alternative codes for visitors.

Sensors such as the Vision Z-Wave wireless siren and strobe provide a visual and audio deterrent to would be intruders. The system is linked to Z-wave so you should be able to configure it monitor your home’s security from your smart device or computer.

Smart technology is impacting our lives for the better and Z-wave is leading in innovation to create a more intelligent home. Seize the opportunity to automate your home to improve your security, save costs and to improve your overall lifestyle.

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