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Property investment options for the budding investor

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The world of property investment can be a complicated one for many people, especially if you are just starting out and wanting to make sure that you make the best possible financial decisions! There are a range of different property types and different investment options available and it helps when you’re getting started if there is a decisive list of possible homes available to you - so take a look here at some of these property options for the budding investor.

Off the plan

These properties are a very attractive option for first home buyers or for investors as they offer a complete package of a new home, often at a great price. The way that buying an off the plan property works is that you find the home that you want from a property developer and then secure the property - usually with a 10% deposit on the price of the home. From there, the price is set and you pay incremental deposits on the property as certain stages and milestones are completed and achieved. When the property is complete, you have the option of moving into the home yourself or renting it out to someone. The pros of this method of investing is that you get a brand new home, you can choose the fit out and fixtures, and oftentimes, you’ll find that the property has increased in value from the time you purchase the home to when the build is complete. This means you have some nice equity with which to continue to invest - a real bonus as far as any investor is concerned.

House and land

These property investment options work in that property developers acquire land when it’s sold by the government. They then put in all the infrastructure like roads, utilities and sewerage and then either build and sell homes as a package or offer a range of standard or customisable homes so that you can pick and choose. There are a number of House and land packages in Melbourne's outer suburbs which are doing this nicely at the moment and which are proving to be a great option for investors with great returns. The pros of buying a property in this way are that you can buy a property that suits your needs - whether it’s for your family or for potential renters. You can also plan your finances with confidence and with the knowledge that as you’re buying a new home, there aren’t going to be a lot of major repairs coming up in the foreseeable future. Often, you’ll find that there are specific niche markets that these packages cater for, like retirement villages, golfing estates or young families.

Commercial investment

This is one of the highest risk but highest return options available to any potential investors. This is because commercial properties garner a great rental rate but can - due to the nature of their specific use and specific clients - sit empty for a period of time, sometimes for months and months. Commercial investment is something that should only be undertaken with the help of an advisor or mentor who has plenty of experience in this area as it’s potentially very risky. If you’re good at the game though, it has the potential to pay off in spades.

Positive cash flow properties

With any investment portfolio, you need to strike the right balance between positive and negative cash flow in order to reap the best benefits from your tax. A positive cash flow property is one that that enjoys the benefit of having all of the expenses covered by the rental payments which means that you’re free to focus on other areas of your investments. A great choice for first investors.

Well, hopefully this has been of some use to you - now get out there, hit the property pages and start researching your options. After all, the best time to buy is always as soon as you are able to.

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