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The importance of investing in signature staples


Although social norms want us all to believe that women are the only gender that find ourselves looking into our wardrobes in a deflated manner when we cannot find that outfit, I’ve had numerous male friends who spend more time getting ready than I do.

With that noted, I want to put it out there that this is something I think everyone has struggled with from time to time, and for that reason, I know the importance of investing in signature pieces of clothing that can work well separately as well as together. I feel this will minimalise any anger or stress when a key event pops up in your social calendar and you’re trying to swiftly choose an outfit at a drop of a hat.

Although a number of celebrity fashionistas advocate that all you need in your wardrobe is 15 signature items, and that within these 15 signature items of clothes, every one of these can be mixed and matched. I honestly would find it near impossible to reduce my wardrobe by such a drastic amount, plus trying to mentally match all my items in my wardrobe before buying a new dress from Frockaholics would be emotionally draining. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so materialistic but sometimes I get weak, and there are things I just have to have. I think clothing is like everything, all good things are okay in moderation – including my shopping habit.

Here are a few signature staples that I have found I can’t be without, with exception to the little black dress, these can be utilised by both men and women. So if you’re anything like me, you can even convince the man in your life to purchase a few of the jacket options and you can use them when you want to grab out the boyfriend look from your closet, from time to time.

1. The Little Black Dress

This signature item is the most versatile and valuable in my eyes, as it has been a trustworthy fall back option for women for decades. You can dress them down or up, and no matter what the occasion you can pretty much be guaranteed to look the part. A classic fit is timeless and is perfect for all LBD occasions.

2. The Blazer

Although I said I sometimes wear my boyfriend's blazer, what I actually meant is I literally live in his black jacket. I’m forever styling it up with a chunky necklace, skinny jeans and killer heels. But I’ve also dressed it down with a plain white tee, skinny jeans and brogues. I feel a safe haven when I see his (my) blazer hanging up waiting for me to team it with some additional and no-less fabulous attire.

3. A Pair of Brogues

Although I adore killer high heels, I realistically know I can’t always be bothered to wear them. There is definitely a time and a place for heels and there is something so chic and stylish about a strong brogue game. I feel fashionable and refined at the same time. Plus there is nothing sexier than a guy in brogues, guys just always look very well read when wearing brogues.

4. The Black Pant

With black pants, you really can’t go wrong, unless you spill something down them the morning of a big interview. They will literally go with everything in your wardrobe. You can dress them up with a chic top and bold lip colour for those impromptu after work drinks, but equally you can team them with a classic white tee and denim jacket for a bit of painlessly cool hipster style on the weekends.

5. Denim Jacket

Even when you’ve had a denim jacket for years, it only looks better. It improves with age like every desirable fine item. It really is worth investing in this go-to in between jacket, whichever season it is, there is always an occasion to pull this useful number out of the closet.