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Marcs StreetView Visual Fashion Microsite


The World Loves Melbourne loves Marcs fashion and we have several Marcs fashion items in the wardrobe. Lately we have been posting on the new Marcs StreetView, an innovative microsite (web based microsite) to pair up style and fashion with street view and location.

What to wear to Melbourne's fashionable venues and events; great places to visit and a display of how you'd dress for them. Marcs StreetView gives a visual directory of fashion and where it is worn. Take pics of your fashion self and post on Instagram using the hashtag #MarcsStreetView and geotag and it will appear on the Marcs StreetView microsite. Click here for an instructional video.

Check out the Microsite tool here with Map and latest pics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Here we are stepping out in Hosier Lane with Brando Tee, Jimmy Jogger Pants and Kentucky Suede Derby shoes; and so we posted this pic on the Marcs StreetView microsite.

Marcs 1

Marcs through its Street Style tool is aiming to spotlight the little local gems and the style of Aussies. It is set up for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the idea is to tag your street style image in locations such as coffee shops, at a park, outside university campus or on your favourite street. Imagine it like a visual Time Out guide, but with a focus on fashion and people as well as places.

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We also ventured into the Botanic Gardens with Baltic Slim Fit Chinos, Cooper Slim Fit Shirt and Kentucky Suede Derby Shoes.

The way it works is that you upload a photo to Instagram with a particular hashtag and the microsite pulls in your post and where it has been geotagged. People can then browse through the posts on the microsite, look at it via streetview and then get directions to the location.


Marcs has an amazing summer range including The Alto shirt.

The World Loves Melbourne has stocked up our wardrobe of Marcs fashion items and we've adopted the hashtag #MarcsStreetView on our Instagram account. Check out some of these pieces.

Just use the #MarcsStreetView hashtag when out wearing your fashionable wear (with a feature on Marcs but also all fashioanble wear) and also geotag your location on Instagram. It's about how style affects your lifestyle.

Marcs is planning some competitions around the Marcs StreetView microsite.