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Diner En Blanc with Rutherford Jewellery

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Diner En Blanc is an iconic event around the world (originating in Paris in 1988) in terms of style and fashion and bonhomie. And to celebrate the formal occasion with a truly Melbourne jewellery brand was exciting.

Diner En Blanc is secretive, white, elegant and magical. Samantha from The World Loves Melbourne was able to showcase stunning diamond and pearl necklace and earrings, and a superb bracelet, all from iconic Rutherford Jewellers. About 1,500 diners graced Docklands Waterfront for the spectacular occasion.

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Elegance and style was the theme of the evening, but also from Rutherford the antique jewellery specialist. The extensive range of pearls offers you magnificent white South Sea Australian pearls, black Tahitian and every colour in between. They are also the exclusive stockists in Victoria for the incredible Kailis pearl jewellery. Browse the stunning range of unique jewellery, including rare and exquisite antique and art deco pieces as well as beautiful modern gemstones and diamonds.

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The World Loves Melbourne has been versed in the quality of the Rutherford jewellery in Melbourne over many years. Some of our best friends wear Rutherford jewellery on a daily basis. It's part of the fabric of Melbourne.

So for the special occasion of Diner on Blanc it was perfect to showcase stunning Rutherford jewellery on the night, against the backdrop of all white. We felt some beautiful diamonds or pearls would work nicely given the formal dress code.

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Rutherford is one of Melbourne's premier antique jewellery and pearls retailers and is a family business which stretches back over 60 years. Rutherford's four stores are located across Collins Street, The Block Arcade and in Camberwell. 
We love that Rutherford is a truly Melbourne jewellery brand. We also love the stunning yet tasteful jewellery. To be honest we love this kind of antique style of jewellery over other styles. Timeless. Iconic. Magical.
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Diner En Blanc in Docklands was the perfect location for a fashionable event on a perfect Melbourne evening. The location wasn't revealed to us until we arrived at the location, having travelled by coach from Port Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed being guests at a media table; with everyone dressed in white (strict dress code), and white tablecloths and decor a spectacular scene. 
Diner En Blanc makes public spaces come alive for several hours, then the whole scene is packed up as if it never happened. Magical.
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The catering was exceptional; we couldn't believe the amount and quality of our food in the large boxes from The Atlantic Group delivered to our table. Cheeses, French style baguettes, salmon, gourmet salads, dip, gourmet pies, lamingtons, shards of chocolate and more.
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Long tables of white captured the imagination. Soon the Pommery champagne and FIJI Water was flowing.
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Waving of the napkins is a tradition to signal diner time. 
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Food and frivolity were a feature; with diners encouraged not to drink to excess. The event was all class.
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Then it was time for the sparklers; surprisingly long sparklers that lit up the sky in stunning fashion.
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Guests lining up for the media wall; popular activity posing for photos all night.
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Music and dancing are a mainstay of Diner En Blanc; its not a stuffy event but let your hair down.
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Dance floor action. The World Loves Melbourne (Samantha and David) hit the dance floor with DJ Marcus from @allegromusicaus spinning some sweet tunes!
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Samantha looking stunning in her Rutherford jewels from start to finish...
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A final dance and it was time to leave for another year; at Diner En Blanc everyone leaves at the same time. Au revoir! A great evening.