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New Merricks Creek Winery Cellar Door - Stunning Design and Style

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Merricks Creek not only provides top notch wine and food as a James Halliday 5 star winery, but it also captivates with its style and aesthetics. Visiting Merricks Creek is refreshing and is like an oasis on the Mornington Peninsula away from the hustel and bustle of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne spoke with owner and winemaker Peter Parker about the design and style aspects of Merricks Creek that enhance the visitor experience. Check out our Best Mornington Peninsula Wineries.

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Visiting Merricks Creek Winery is a sensory experience. The new Merricks Creek cellar door belongs as much in the design and fashion space as it does in the wine and food space. The vision for the building was inspirational; in the middle of vines for an authentic vineyard experience. 

Peter Parker enlisted the skills and expertise of renowned architect John Lawrey. John had been instrumental in the development of another leading Mornington Peninsula winery, a winery admired by Peter Parker.

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The early days of the build; a visionary concept of a modern day cellar door.

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The feeling at Merricks Creek is that you are right in the vineyards with a cellar door of style. You don't get this feeling at many winery cellar doors.

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The interplay with texture is a highlight; from rough hewn stone, to the Merbau timber raised deck (which appears as a floating deck to the casual eye from the vineyard), to the soft cushions and use of concrete.

Aspects such as the bi-fold doors and continuity of the decking from inside to outside contribute to a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors; all the rage these days including in homes.

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The advent of natural light is also a highlight; facilitated by the use of perspex glass on top of the roof.

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Note the fine use of timber here with barrel and table, as well as the deck; a winery of character. The mounted photos of the early days of the winery involving family addd to the historical charm. You can book your table for weekend casual dining experiences.

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Peter Parker is enthused about the plantings on the property that draws inspiration on Monet. As we know Monet's garden in Giverny was like his impressionist paintings. Its about the interplay between colour and texture. The pale trees against the dark. The soft moving populars against dark still pine. Weeping willows, soft leaves. You can see this artistry at Merricks Creek above; in a once bare paddock. Create a world within a world.

Check out the old telegraph poles at the front of the balcony. Recycling old telegraph poles is great for the environment and gives a rustic feel.

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A vast lawn makes Mewrricks Creek Winery family friendly; The World Loves Melbourne has seen children running around enjoying this space.

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The stunning Moonflower tree brings an amazing aesthetic; one of the most romantic plants going around. Large trumpet shape flowers unfurl in the evenings and carry a magical sweet fragrance.

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Peter Parker was gifted an iconic fireplace from a mansion in Surrey Hills; fitting perfectly into the winery setting.

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The outlook from the modern cellar door into the vineyard is magical.

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A large board with dishes posted in chalk adds to the character.

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From the car park the deck appears to be a floating deck; floating above the vineyard.

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A clever innovation is the ability to transport timber into the cellar door from the back; the stockpile of timber also adding character to the cellar door.

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The changing seasons provide an aesthetic with visitors to the winery imbibing in the midst of the vineyards; autumn is simply stunning.

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Old telegraph poles are a feature; as is the contrast of native grasses.

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Merricks Creek is a joyous winery visit; from the Mediterranean style food to the passion from Peter and Sam at Cellar Door tasting and the standout Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; to the style and fashion of the new cellar door and stunning grounds.