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Stylish Christmas Event at Fenton & Fenton

We were invited to a stunning Festive Event with Lucy and the team at leading interior design and furniture, art and homeware company Fenton & Fenton in High St Prahran. The theme of the event was For a Festive Season Less Ordinary.

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Fenton & Fenton impressed with their festive collection over several stunning spaces inside and out of their cutting-edge interior design boutique and gallery.  

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These designers are not afraid of colour and vibrant fashion and expression. Working with around 60 Australian artists Fenton & Feenton bring in a collective of creatives under their umbrella of design.

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Everywhere there is a vibrant feel and Fenton & Fenton celebrates the best of Melbourne and Australian design.

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Also “My Heart Beats Faster” Exhibition was on show at the Gallery, by Cate Maddy, and the "Ladies Who Lunch" exhibition is now on display at the Prahran Showroom.