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Tony Maticevski - Designer of the Moment

Toni Maticevski is the fashion designer of the moment. He combines creativity with flair and inspiration with practical style. His fashion designs are ever so flexible whether for day or evening wear, with every piece eye catching. Like all great designers he brings a sense of timelessness to fashion.

As it says on his website, Toni Maticevski is widely recognized for his intricate, detailed and refined work. It’s exciting that he is a boy from Melbourne making it big on the Australian and international fashion stage. His designs featured at Australian Fashion Week were awesome.

Printed dresses and chiffon, smart evening jackets, coats and suits were the order of the day. Full length floaty gowns are a feature. More than 50 pieces were paraded showcasing his 13 year career as a designer. His more elaborate designs were a symphony of colour, silk, feathers and couture at a grand scale. And wearable.

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