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Oscar Hunt Melbourne Tailors On The Rise


Do you purchase garments off the rack or have you been introduced to the alluring world of tailoring? When fine tailors provide you with bespoke and superbly fitting clothes with superior materials at comparable prices, then tailoring makes sense.

Melbourne tailor Oscar Hunt is excited about its move to a larger premises (six times bigger than the current space) in Melbourne, signalling the rise of the company, and growing fashion awareness of tailoring.

From humble beginnings at The Olsen a few years ago, Oscar Hunt has developed into a sophisticated playful tailor for the discerning gentleman. And noticing that The World Loves Melbourne is discerning when it comes to finery, I was invited to the Oscar Hunt suite to experience the best of Melbourne tailoring.


Oscar hunt Marketing Manager Lachie Watson is a smooth, visionary and articulate gentleman not without humour. The Oscar Hunt is experience is firstly playful and enjoyable. Upon arrival you are offered a single malt. Savour your fine whiskey while pouring over a plethora of swatches that highlight quality materials and colours for your garment.

Ostensibly, the customer is able to choose fabrics, design features, and cover all the bases in constructing 85% of a shirt or suit in the first sitting. A second sitting about 4 weeks later aims at perfection.  

All fabrics are natural. None of this "polyester blend caper" to be found here.


Jules Lichtenstein and Steve also engage as you sip on your whiskey. I was grateful for the whiskey rocks; a discerning gentelman shouldn't have to cope with water diluted whiskey.

Says Oscar Hunt of its client service - 

"Oscar Hunt is about the relationship between tailor and client.
We work with you to help create the perfect suit or shirt for any given occasion.
Our fittings are a nod to the old world of tailored suiting. During your 45-minute appointment in our Melbourne showroom you will be expertly guided through different fabrics and styles. You will also be carefully measured by our tailor, making sure that every little detail unique to you (a sloping shoulder or a slightly larger wrist for example) is accounted for.
During your second fitting, once your garment has been constructed, our tailor will make any minor adjustments to make sure you have the perfect fit.  Adjustments are conducted by us, in-house.
Your measurements, as well as a computer-based pattern, are stored on file.  
This means that future purchases with Oscar Hunt are seamless. 
Our wool is sourced from Australia. We change our fabrics seasonally to make sure we have a suitable range for our clients."
If you have any further questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I was invited to choose a 100% cotton shirt (valued at $150) from the classic Oscar Hunt collection from the swatches below...


Jules then measured me for the shirt; not a one minute activity. At this point I wished I'd spent londer in the gym; my gym body had become a distant memory. Although with the shirt taking 3-4 weeks before the final fitting there was some hope of returning in better shape. I was told it is easier for a tailor to bring in clothing than expand it when adjusting. Or something like that (I'm also deficient in tailor speak).


Jules makes the customer comfortable and at ease during the measuring process with his conviviality and humour... Customer measurements are kept on file, to assist when ordering additional garments.



Oscar Hunt gives the customer a myriad of options for its customised service; including style of cuffs.


Suits at Oscar Hunt consist of four collections.

The Olsen collection starts at around $845 and is built around a choice of 20 fabrics and Super 120s to 140s wool.

The Thomas Ogilvy collection starts at around $995, with 12 superior fabrics, and fits into the budget of $1000 for a suit.

Then come the UK collections from $1100 - The Linley Collection and Huddersfield Collection represents the current Oscar Hunt premium cloth offering. The collection embodies numerous cloth types, weights, colours, textures and patterns throughout. The range open’s the door to 500+ fabric options to design your made-to-measure suit with. These collections represent high quality wool with mid to high twist.

The French Dormeuil range utilises the best of fabrics and the best of French inspired fashion.


You can also obtain your jacket as Oscar Hunt, starting at around $500. Of course a common mistake by gentemen is that they use their suit jacket to wear with jeans, which often looks out of place. A tailored jacket drapes and sits properly; a wool cashmere jacket drapes exceptionally well. Oscar Hunt can assist with sports jackets and blazers.

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Oscar Hunt sent me the following letter (below) a week after my shirt fitting...

oscar hunt letter 

oscar hunt letter 2

This is customised service at its finest.