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#Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters


Hardware Street’s new favourite brunch hot-spot Hash Speciality Coffee & Roasters has experienced a fruitful first few months after opening. Their Hash Hot Chocolate has been breaking the internet, however customers have also been returning because of their coffee.

Their Zest Composition VII coffee blend is proving to be a unique addition to the Melbourne coffee scene. Hash co-owner and Head Barista Ben Luo says “We are serving Composition VII every day as our house blend and have had an incredible response from our customers so far – the most common being that there is nothing like this blend being served anywhere else in Melbourne and that Hash is providing a completely unique and exciting coffee experience”.

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters and Zest use three types of African coffee beans to create their signature blend. The three types of coffee beans come from the heartlands of African coffee, specifically Kenya and Ethiopia. Composition VII is made up of two washed processed Kenyan beans from the Nyeri region (the ‘Kieni’ and the ‘Maganjo’) and a natural process Ethiopian (‘Konga’) from the Yirgacheffe region.

The tasting notes of Composition VII can be described as a ‘berry paradise’ with nectar like body and a character of sweetness un-paralleled to anything else that has been tasted in Melbourne.


Ben Luo met Rob McDonald from Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters at this year’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo and they worked together from there to develop the progressive and innovative blend of coffee.

Hash Specialty Coffee use the newest Slayer Professional Espresso machine, which provides the natural process extraction method specific to their house blend. Other coffee options on the menu include an Ethiopia Sidamo Filter and Immersion and Drip Cold Brews.

Hash’s coffee has been a massive hit not only among customers, but staff too, including Alex Asimakopoulos (formerly of Industry Beans). “When I tasted the coffee Hash were serving I was so excited to discover a unique taste that I hadn’t experienced in all of my time in Melbourne, and I needed to be a part of it,” Alex says. Hash Specialty Coffee Roasters 113 Hardware Street, Melbourne, 3000 Open from 7am – 4pm, 7 days a week