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Chocolate tasting at Sisko Chocolate - Hawthorn


Chocoholics have another reason to rejoice. Sisko Chocolate, a little chocolate wonderland nestled in Hawthorn, is branching out and inviting chocolate fanatics to open their minds to experience chocolate in a slightly different way. This weekend!


Founder Christina Tantsis works with a variety of chocolates sourced from around the globe and wanted to showcase some of the best in what she calls ‘The Sisko Urban Experience’. I don’t know if a chocolate shop could ever go wrong, particularly when you have good quality chocolate like this. This tasting platter was outside the edible chocolate sculptures that Sisko is best-known for. We have follwed these guys for some time and simply they are geniuses!

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a sneak-peak of this chocolate tasting platter. The tasting consist of single origin Hawaiian and Madagascar chocolate shavings that you eat through a straw, a syringe filled with Spanish milk chocolate, hazelnut iced chocolate and the CookIEMonster which is, hazelnut praline and cookie dough sandwiched between a vanilla biscuit. The fun part about this is you’re able to experiment different ways to eat all the treats. You could eat the Spanish chocolate straight from the syringe or add it to the hazelnut iced chocolate, roll the CookIEMonster through the chocolate shavings or eat it all as it. It tastes delicious no matter how you eat it!

Rob from @ieatmelbourne was on hand for a perfect partnership as part of #tastingthiscity.


The Sisko Urban Experience is $15 per person. Limited seats are available to the public 17 Oct and 18 Oct. Book your tickets at