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Royal Stacks Loves Melbourne

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Royal Stacks is a winning burger house with packed houses each day lapping up the juicy burgers that contain premium local produce and are free of GMO (antibiotics and hormones). The World Loves Melbourne caught up with owner Dani Zeini who researches burgers from all round the world, and delivers to Melbourne inspired burger choices.

We couldn't make it to the media launch but went slightly later and there was a line up out the door at Monday lunchtime. The precinct has been crying out for such a burger house; affordable burgers and relatively quick turn over time for busy city workers. Come here with your creative team. Royal Stacks gives the impression of burger gentry; designer burgers rather than cheap greasy offerings. A burger with truffle for goodness sake!

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Dani has been working at Royal Stacks and ensuring the team get the quality right throughout; and we were highly impressed with the burger offerings. It seems each of Dani's ventures has its own personality and menu. Dani told us he also likes hanging out at Grand Trailer Park and the location are top notch. This location of Royal Stacks in Collins St is also top notch with nearby law firms, banks and creatives salivating.

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Check out the American Diner vibe, with TV's mounted playing US Sports a la sports bar.  We love the urban wall garden and neon sign; like an upmarket Diner. The burgers are sensational; not surprising given Dani's expertise but also the meat patties are supplied from premium producer Vic Meats. You can tell the quality. Almost feels like health food!

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We were struck by Miss Elizabeth (above left), a petite burger that comes with quality beef patty, Swiss cheese and truffle mayonnaise, served in a fresh white bun. This burger was surprisingly rich; an aristocratic taste in a world of royalty - or as Dani told us, a "fancy pants burger." So good. Go even more upmarket with the Prince Harry (contains horseradish for that monarchistic kick) or The King (with house made macaroni and cheese croquettes) burgers.

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Another smash hit is the ‘Bacon Bacon’ with double all Australian pasture fed beef patties, double bacon, American cheddar, caramelised onion, American mustard, tomato sauce and pickles. Juicy and elegant. A crowd pleaser with it's sheer amount of quality beef, as well as bacon overdrive. What the punters want. We love the menu description with a twist/nostalgic reference of "two all Australian pasture fed beef patties"...

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Thirdly we enjoyed the Single Stack, the biggest seller to date, and the closest thing to an In 'n Out Burger we have found outside California. Soft bun, fresh ingredients, pasture-fed beef patty, tomato, butter, lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce and pickles. Or go big with a Double Stack. Dani loves the references to In 'n Out and Shake Shack, for example, as burger houses of inspiration.

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Chips/fries are top notch; couldn't get enough.

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We also enjoyed a Blue Heaven shake; with nuances of bubble gum flavour. Sweet and rewarding.

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For dessert we enjoyed the Peanut Butter Frozen Custard (they have a frozen custard machine); decadent but compelling.

It was great to catch up with Dani and we are excited for the multiple locations of Royal Stacks coming up. Get on it!

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