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Tim Ho Wan Loves Melbourne

The World Loves Melbourne is a huge fan of dim sum. Melbourne Dim Sum devotees get ready, as the Master of Dim Sum, Chef Mak Kwai Pui is about to open his first Melbourne restaurant, Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan, otherwise known as the most affordable Michelin rated restaurant in the world, has a big mantel to uphold and the Melbourne Tim Ho Wan team have been meticulously planning every aspect of their operation that is scheduled to open mid March 2016.

With the Michelin star hailing from steamy Hong Kong, Tim Ho Wan Melbourne will honour the operations ethos of selecting only ingredients of pristine quality and making every single dim sum dish to order.

Translated from ‘Add Good Luck’ Tim Ho Wan Melbourne will be situated at 206 Bourke Street and will be a bright and bustling 320 SQM restaurant with a seating capacity for 105 diners.

All the Tim Ho Wan showstoppers will be on the menu, served a la carte, with the signature Tim Ho Wan Pork Bun taking centre stage, supported by a chorus line of the Big 4 Heavenly Kings. The Tim Ho Wan Pork Bun is like no other. Being baked not steamed is the main difference, but there is so much more that goes into preparing the perfect morsel.

Tim Ho Wan representative Lawrence Lee says it had to do with “special techniques, quality ingredients, pastry mastery and our special Tim Ho Wan recipe,” that when combined creates the famous pork bun. In addition, Tim Ho Wan Melbourne has imported a specialty oven where the heat is distributed evenly and correctly.

The result is a rich yellow (almost gold) pork bun exhibiting good colour, fluffy light bun texture and excellent barbeque pork filling, being made with prime premium pork cuts and the specialty Tim Ho Wan barbeque sauce. The Big 4 Heavenly Kings (named after the four Buddhist protective deities) are a selection of Tim Ho Wan menu favourites including the vermicelli rice paper roll, a serve of pan-fried turnip cake, a portion of steamed egg cake, and, of course, one of Tim Ho Wan’s signature baked Pork Bun.

Tim Ho Wan has been working with farmers and suppliers across Victoria to source the menus rare ingredients a full year in advance to secure both consistent fresh supply and quality, which is the cornerstone of all Tim Ho Wan dishes.

Chef Mak has been often quoted that his focus is on fresh ingredients and proper technique, which propelled him to worldwide fame in 2009. Chef Mak began making dim sum at the tender age of 15, and has worked in some of the most elite and rigorous Hong Kong kitchens including the 3-Mitchelin starred Lung King Heen restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong.

Chef Mak will be attending the Grand launch of Tim Ho Melbourne and looks forward to sharing his passion for world-class dim sum in Melbourne.

Tim Ho Wan Melbourne 206 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD Open 10am – 10pm 7 days