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Posh Picnic at Panama Room with RockBare Wines

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to an exclusive Posh Picnic at Panama Room to celebrate RockBare South Australian wines. It was audacious for South Australia to take on Smith Street, but welcomed by Victorian wine lovers.  

South Australia rocks it when it comes to wine and RockBare showcased top notch South Aussie wine. We have noticed more varietals and diversity in South Australian wine in recent years, from bold smackdown styles to more nuanced and medium bodied wines to match with food. RockBare shines with its Tempranillo and Nero d'Avola, as well as with it's fuller body Shiraz and Cabernet styles. Kudos to winemaker Marty O'Flaherty (pictured below) who is a skilled winemaker across all styles.

RockBare 7

Looking out the window of the Panama Room on to ecelectic Smith St and wider Melbourne, with whole Roasted Barossa Heritage Pork on the table, and a glass of fine silky smooth RockBare Tempranillo in hand (sourced from McLaren Flat), life was looking good. This was Monday afternoon at its best.

RockBare 4

We love this concept of a skilled winemaker simply sourcing the best wine from the best regions and producing a cracking range of wines at reasonable prices. 

RockBare 36

The Posh Picnic menu was a triumph, with Panama Room chef Ayhan Erkoc (ex Celcius in SA) serving up exceptional food...

Angassi Oysters, Finger Limes, Apple and Parsley a highlight, matched with a RockBare Riesling.

RockBare 13

Kangaroo Island Marron, Seaweed, Green Strawberries was perfect with a RockBare Chardonnay. This Chardonnay exhibited a crisp acidity and hint of spice.

RockBare 21

The highlight was the Whole Roasted Barossa Heritage Pork, Boudin Noir, with Heirloom Vegetables - matched with Tempranillo. The World Loves Melbourne may have taken advantage of the "carve your own".

RockBare 14

Puffed Angas Beef Tendons, with Sea Parsley Salt was perfect with the premium RockBare Tideway Shiraz; while the Mayra Station Beef with Hotseradish and Onions was perfect with Tideway Shiraz and the Barossa Babe Shiraz.

RockBare 25

RockBare 32

Venison Tartare, Blackberries and Tarragon was paired with Tempranillo of intense flavour.

RockBare 38

RockBare 40

Dessert was a triumph with Woodside Ash Chevre, Beetroot, Blueberries, Red Elk, Lemon Curd Tart, Fresh Cherries, Apple Tarte Tatin and Cultured Cream, delicious with RockBare Can Cut Viognier.

RockBare Wines are top notch; with Winemaker Marty O'Flaherty sourcing the fruit from all over, essentially Australia's iconic wine regions. We were able to move through the range and sample almost all the wines to rate these wines as highly impressive. We love that Marty works with growers across South Australia to create a range of wines that capture the unique characteristics of each region and varietal. Free from the constraint of owning our own vineyards we are able to make wines that each have their own unique story. Each harvest Marty uses the best grapes of the season in each region. RockBare a showcase of the best of South Australia.

RockBare 34

RockBare 37

The World Loves Melbourne was not only highly impressed by the wines but also at the affordable price range. We were surprised that such an excellent 2013 Shiraz was only $25; it had the depth and elegance and full body of a more expensive wine.

Another popular wine at the event was the Tempranillo, also only $25 for a fine smooth intense Tempranillo.

The RockBare cellar door is in the Main street of Hahndorf and you can order online.