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Cafe 51 The Meataxe Loves Melbourne

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Cafe 51 is an eclectic iconic cult burger joint in a semi industrial area, where lines out the door are the norm and all walks of life are flocking to this burger haven. 

Cafe 51 is sheer fun and has that "burger electricity"; the joy of consuming damn fine burgers that are not necessarily "politically correct" but which strike a primal chord. This is the hangout of burger fanatics and aficionados. You need to book your personal trainer before you visit this place (as we did); more towers here at Cafe 51 than in New York. Look around and you see burgers across tables with patties piled up 3,4,5 or more high. Giving the punters what they want.

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No frills here or dainty decor, it's all about the burgers. Behind Cafe 51 is foodie royalty; Steve Agi is ex George Calombaris' The Press Club and also ex Shane Delia at Maha.

Made famous by iconic Melbourne burgers site Burgers of Melbourne who was one of the first to visit Cafe 51 and herald the credentials of these awesome burgers, there's a star studded line up of burgers including the Meataxe, the Juicy Lucy, The Mac Daddy, Soul Sister, The Boss, CFK, or go custom made... In terms of burger joints in Melbourne this is a broad ranging burger menu with something for everyone. Including shakes and salads, the menu on boards. The Instagram feed of Cafe 51 is a work of art; burger stacks streaming down a page that makes you drool.

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The World Loves Melbourne was keen to visit, and we just wanted to sample the best burger of the house. We were told upon our visit that The Meataxe was the pick of a great list; juicy Gigi beef patty, crispy southern fried chicken, crispy bacon, double dirty cheese, lettuce, onion rings, two jalapeno poppers, chipotle and XXX BBQ sauce. Now there's a description. We enjoy burgers with kick or heat, and the Meataxe seemed the way to go.

The Meataxe came as a massive tower served on a sturdy board. We found it hard to put your hands around this burger; really it's a beast. Burger challenges at Cafe 51 are known to involve 3kg of burger with 20 patties and cheese. There's an opportunity to put yourself in comatose burger oblivion!

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Every element of The Meataxe was spot on from the crispy southern fried chicken fillet to the juicy chuck brisket patty to the crispy bacon and the heat elements that gave the kick. Even the soft bun rocked. It's tempting to take the bun off the top and pick at the various elements, but we recommend tackling The Meataxe head on and biting into this juicy bliss as a whole burger in all its glory!

When I later reflect and ponder upon The Meataxe, I do so with affection.

Golden chunky fries are decent here; perfect with the burgers. The Combo meal for only $15 was great value (burger, drink, fries). Prices are low, real low. No $20 burgers here.

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The Meataxe is not to be trifled with; a mountain of burger elements. Could we take it down? Yes.

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We needed a packet of paper towels, such is the juice factor. We like it juicy.

The World Loves Melbourne loves Cafe 51 for the sheer fun of the place. For some reason when I think of Cafe 51 I also think of Studio 54 in LA; eclectic, fun and a venue for the people. Boogie fever and burger fever. We saw business types in their suits, student types, tradies, bloggers with cameras, and all manner of people coming together in the name of burger love. Maybe world conflicts could be sorted by burger joints like this appearing in troubled regions. In the meantime we shall be back...


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