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Lord of the Fries and Prince of Flavoursome Burgers

Lord of the Fries is an award winning restaurant group that delivers incredible vegetarian flavoursome food and modern tastes at value prices. Even Prince has enjoyed their cuisine on his last Australian tour (several music icons dig LOTF). Having sampled the burgers here - they are a strong contender for the best in Melbourne. Bring on the vegetarian burger for 21st century tastes!

I love the multicultural flavour of Lord of the Fries with its different sauces and tastes celebrating nations and their cuisine. Very Melbourne methinks.

Lord of the Fries began from humble beginnings visiting music festivals in a mobile van to an icon in Melbourne with 7 stores. They are growing with new stores established recently and stores where there's a funky vibe and extra room to enjoy their fine fare.

We enjoyed lunch at the iconic Brunswick Street store - a retro style diner. Prince enjoyed and inspired a Purple Rain sauce but here it's more of a red haze. Lord of the Fries has a striking red theme - I really enjoy their marketing and Facebook page.

Lord of the Fries has won major awards for Best Burger in Melbourne from The Age, then also Best Hot chips in Melbourne from The Herald Sun, Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Australia from the I Love Food Award, as well as Best Burger in Australia from Peta and Aduki.

Having sampled Lord of the Fries burger Parma, which consists of LOTF Chick'n Patty, bacon rashers, napoli sauce, cheese and onion - I can say this is up with the best in Melbourne. It's a great burger which ever way you look at it. It has great flavour, great napoli sauce and great combination of ingredients. The bun is excellent and totally fresh - which is really important.

I am not a vegetarian as such but I love great vegetarian food. Lord of the Fries shows much flair when it comes to vegetarian cuisine. You feel like they are breaking ground especially when it comes to the convenience genre they operate in.

The Vegan Patty used by Lord of the Fries has the look, taste and texture of meat with virtually no fat. So you don't leave the restaurant feeling heavy and bloated. These are great health choices for the 21st Century.

The mock beef patties are high in protein being made from Textured Soy Protein. And gluten free!


The other burger we enjoyed was The Guru, with Guru vegie patty, tomato, onion, lettuce, and green chilli sauce. I love this burger, with plenty of spice (it has more kick than other places). The green chilli sauce is a winner.

We ordered two of the mini burgers - the original and the spicy mini burger. These were delightful and are a great option amid the mini burger craze around Melbourne right now. 

Of course fries are important. Lord of the Fries has award winning fries that taste like potato and do this vegetable justice. Fresh not frozen. Freshly cut. Fries are cooked twice to ensure crispiness (most of us love our fries to be crispy). And no trans fat.

Also what I love is that they keep the skins on the potato. Something I like to do at home. It healthier and I believe the taste is enhanced.

Sauces are a highlight at Lord of the Fries. You can order a great range of classic sauces for $1 including my favourite, the Belgian with Euro Mayo.

The deluxe sauces are worth the $2 and my favourites are The French Canadian which is shredded cheese and hot gravy, as well as the Mexican consisting of Chilli Salsa and sour cream (and has some spice).

Sauce of the month right now is the Santa Monica Spinach Dip and this was a sublime sauce and something a little different. I found it to be moorish.

You just love the little toothpick prong things that you eat the chips with - rather than having to use your hands with all that sauce over the chips.


The Onion rings are also superb. Do I get excited about onion rings? Yes. I've been on the search for Melbourne's best onion rings. These are up there with the best because they are chunky and a little juicy and fresh and they are crumbed well. Not oily and dry but lean and flavoursome.


The Nuggets were also a sensation - not the usual kind of nuggets found in other stores but using soy protein. Tasty and healthy. I loved them.

Lord of the Fries has a delectable Chocolate Mousse.


The new Swanston Street store is an exciting development on one of Melbourne's iconic street corners.


Lord of the Fries hits the spot and is an edgy eatery that ticks so many boxes in terms of concept, quality, freshness and taste. We look forward to their continue growth and expansion in Melbourne and beyond.