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1090 Burger Loves Melbourne

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1090 Burger is a standout burger joint on Swan street Richmond having started out in life as a food truck (still going strong in Ruckers Hill Northcote); boasting quality affordable burgers and is the home of the notorius Rocky burger. 1090 Burger is unpretentious in a world of burger hype. No fanfare here; no heralding or trumpeting. The proof is in the pudding, or should we say "patty"; all massive 330g of it.

The custom 1090 burger is a double burger for only $12 and great value;soft brioche bun holds beef, cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato and red onion. 1090 Burger also impresses with the Thunderburger for $13 - a double burger of note featuring grass fed Angas Beef and top notch with beer. If you want to satisfy your burger craving the 1090 burger and Thunderburger are both up there with the best. But why not live a little dangerously and step out into deeper burger waters...

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Go a few rounds with Rocky. If you're into heavy patties man then this is your place. No 100g patty to be seen for the Rocky. Not 150g or even 180g, but an insane 330g.

So if you order the Rocky you're told you have to wait about 25 minutes for the patty to cook - the same amount of time it takes The World Loves Melbourne to cook a BBQ for 10 friends (and clean the BBQ after).

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Even so the patty comes out suitably "medium" and juicy, not at all overcooked. The "juiciness" factor is insane; it's like your baby kid just sprayed all down your front (in a good way).

That's if you can lift the burger - a deadlift at the gym might not be so heavy. 

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The Rocky burger seemed more like Rocky IV than other Rocky movies I've seen; the burger comes at you with full intimidation like a monster Drago, but get your revenge even if it takes you a few pile driving rounds. 

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Rocky comes fully loaded with the 330g patty perfectly seasoned, loads of caramelised onion, loads of secret sauce, loads of crispy bacon and cheese, all in proportion and balanced. And of course pickles for some zesty respite. A soft bun is on point and it looked slightly toasted for mine.

1090Burger 20

We loved Rocky. Even if we were waiting ringside for 25 minutes for him to appear...

Staff at 1090 (pronounced ten ninety) Burger are super friendly and proud of the burgers. 

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We didn't eat any of the famous golden fries or milkshakes as we were on our way to a burger event and we needed room for more burgers. Cause we are hardcore. Get on it! 

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