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House of Crabs Loves Melbourne

Were you ever told as a kid not to use your hands while eating? Well, that’s the one rule that doesn’t apply at House of Crabs.

Opening recently in St Kilda, House of Crabs brings the Louisiana vibe with the décor, drinks and the popular seafood boil with a range of shellfish. The concept? No plates, forks or knives. Instead guests get back to the simplicity of eating straight off the table and using their hands the utensils.




House of Crabs does an amazing job boiling the seafood to perfection wealth of spices. Start off with your choice of seafood (crabs, prawns, or mussels) and then pair it with your favourite sauce (Cajun, Creole, Singapore, spicy Malay or lemon pepper). No matter how you fuse them you’ll come out with a finger-licking good combination.




The seafood comes out saturated in a sauce-filled plastic bag and dumped in the centre of the table. Don’t worry, you’ll be prepped accordingly to devour your food. The bib, hammers, gloves and mounds of paper towel on the table aren’t just suggestions – things will get messy very quickly. Bring out your inner-child again and get a little crazy with your food. There’s no need to downplay the excitement either. If you take a look around you’ll realise everyone else’s table is covered in shells, sauce and there might be some playful banter happening with the crab legs.  




If that’s not enough, the menu boasts more than just seafood.  Although it would be odd to come here and not eat any seafood, House of Crabs has the grill fired up with Carolina style chicken, scotch fillet and St Louis pork ribs. They also have a fantastic snacks menu to warm up your appetite including ceviche & guacamole dip, slipper lobster doughnuts and fully loaded lobster fries.


As messy as this gets it’s amazing how delightful the whole eating experience is. You want to visit House of Crabs for more than just the food.  Walk-ins and bookings are welcome. For full details visit .

Photo credit: House of Crabs – St Kilda