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Vegemite Honoured by New Street Name "Vegemite Way"

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In what can only be described as a fitting ‘toast’ to one of Australia’s most loved brands, today Vegemite was honoured with the renaming of a local Port Melbourne Street. The World Loves Melbourne was on hand to enjoy a fabulous breakfast showcasing the best of vegemite.

We moved among the stations, honing in on those oozy Vegemite jaffles (something we often make ourselves at home), the Vegemite scrolls (we also love these) and the Vegemite Spread station (always loved Vegemite on toast with add ons such as tomatoes and avocado).


1 Vegemite Way, formerly Cook Street, is now the official home of Vegemite and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, was on site to officially reveal what has been coined as an Australian first. “The Council was unanimous in its vote to honour the iconic spread. We feel proud to have gifted the local community with Vegemite Way, a permanent marker that signifies the importance of the brand not only locally but nationally,” the Lord Mayor said. “In the past, streets in Melbourne were named to suit the grand visions of historical pioneers."

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"Now Cook Street has been renamed to suit the grand visions and reality of today… Australia loves its Vegemite and it is considered by many part of the fabric of our national identity.” For The World Loves Melbourne, we've grown up with Vegemite.

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Darren O’Brien, Asia Pacific Meals President Mondelez International said, “We wanted to mark the occasion with a celebration involving the local community and the people behind the brand”. “Vegemite has a rich 93 year history as an iconic symbol of Australian culture and you’ll find a jar of Vegemite in every Australian household. What better way to celebrate Vegemite than by giving Vegemite its own street name?! It not only acknowledges its history, but cements its future. The Vegemite Way to us is more than just a street name – it’s a way of life."

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“We are having a party to celebrate Vegemite and the place it holds in the hearts of all Australians. We have invited Port Melbourne’s local kid’s soccer club as well as people who work with Vegemite day-in and day-out and even some of our fans on social media.”


In support of the celebration, Olympian and RIO medal hopeful, swimmer Melanie Wright (pictured above with Lord Mayor of Melbourne, robert Doyle) flew down from Queensland to join in the festivities.

Wright said, “Vegemite is part of my daily ritual and I am so excited to be attending such a fun moment that make will be making its mark in the history books”.

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The ceremony was vibrantly themed to celebrate the milestone for this famous spread. It incorporated the Melbourne laneway street food vibe, with market stalls and café-style seating! (The World Loves Melbourne thinks a permanent Vegemite style cafe would do well - why not).

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The ‘jaffles’ and ‘scroll bar’ stations were the most popular destinations during the morning breakfast and guests were treated to an exclusive performance by The Box Hill City Band, who got into the Vegemite spirit, beating their Vegemite drums!

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Social media was and will continue to be live from Vegemite Way and organisers are asking fans to use #VegemiteWay to tell us how they get the most out of their day.