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Globetrotter Degustation at World Restaurant and Bar

WorldRestaurant 7

World Class Cocktail Week has been a popular event with cocktail lovers across Melbourne, as presented by Broadsheet. The World Loves Melbourne (David and Jonathon) attended a superb evening at World Restaurant and Bar in Southbank where we jetted around the world imbibing amazing cocktails and matching dishes.

This was a well run and value for money event. For $85 to receive 5 cocktails and 5 dishes was amazing value; and the quality was first class. Innovation was to the fore with theatric presentation at times. To be honest, we've always been impressed by The Publican Group and their venues. Always a strong cocktail game! Selena Majumdar from World Restaurant and Bar spoke to the group about the background behind the cocktails and personally created the cocktails for the event. Kudos!

WorldRestaurant 4

WorldRestaurant 86

WorldRestaurant 8

Scrabble decoration was playful with words like "Food" and "Holiday"...

WorldRestaurant 10

The imaginative menu at World Restaurant and Bar with Head chef Adam Baughn excelling in his matching of food with cocktails...

WorldRestaurant 14

Attractive table decorations including mini globes and postcards...

WorldRestaurant 18 

Manu Peroni Bartender at World Restaurant and Bar was engaging and skilful; with much thought put into imaginative presentation. Many of the cocktails were classics with a twist.

WorldRestaurant 24

Her Royal Highness Cocktail was the English feature; Tanqueray, elderflower liqueur and lime. We loved the Rosemary sprig! The World Loves Melbourne loves gin so this was a wonderful opening cocktail for us. The cocktail was matched with delighful Pickles, pork belly, blood pudding, stilton, cauliflower. Presentation of both cocktail and matching dish was first class with World Restaurant and Bar going the extra mile. We expected casual bar snacks but the food was top notch produced by World Restaurant and Bar chefs.

WorldRestaurant 30

We were then transported to Thailand for Enthaising cocktail of Ketel One, sugar syrup, lime, ginger liqueur, chilli, and coriander. Cocktail with spice! We also love coriander in a cocktail! Eating the large chilli was also a highlight, seeds and all (even dipping it into the cocktail).

WorldRestaurant 37

WorldRestaurant 40

Our Thai style cocktail was superbly matched with Duck breast, banana, chilli, and fish sauce. Perfectly cooked duck breast with pink tinge and zesty salad.

WorldRestaurant 44

Now across to Mexico, the next cocktail was an absolute highlight; Don Julio, avocado, lemon, orange liqueur, agave and coriander. Presentation from Manu was outstanding with crushed corn chips on the edge of the glass. Something we would like to emulate at home but would struggle to reproduce.

The matching food was a delightful dish of Quail, Don Julio, corn, and coriander adobo.

WorldRestaurant 45

WorldRestaurant 46

WorldRestaurant 53

Stunning and delicious (a meal in itself).

WorldRestaurant 55

The World Loves Melbourne was impressed with the theatrical presentation and preparation of these cocktails; no more so than the New Zealand cocktail "Choice Bro" with Ketel One, lemon, sugar, egg white, served in an L&P can! Knowing the popularity of L&P in New Zealand, this was a playful and creative presentation.

WorldRestaurant 60

Next to my can of cocktail in the L&P can was a main course of NZ Lamb; Kumara, Manuka honey, red currant, kale. The Manuka honey was like a honeycomb perfect with the succulent lamb. A great dish!

WorldRestaurant 65

WorldRestaurant 68

My friend Jonathon indulged in the Monk fish, lobster, mussels, egg, tomato, lemon balm, another spectacular dish.

WorldRestaurant 69

Final cocktail took us to Peru for "Only in Your Dreams" featuring Captain Morgan's Spiced, chocolate liqueur, Licor 43, and vanilla sugar syrup. This was matched with an amazing dessert; Tonka bean, white chocolate, quinoa, and guava.

WorldRestaurant 73

WorldRestaurant 79

Served in Dragonfruit!

WorldRestaurant 82

WorldRestaurant 83

Thanks to World Restaurant and Bar for a fabulous evening! Memorable.