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One Plus Piece Cafe Healthy Choices in Balwyn

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Looking for a healthy style cafe in the eastern suburbs? One Plus Piece cafe in Balwyn is a cafe which caters for healthy choices, from gourmet salads, to healthy breakfasts and lunches, drinks and even healthy burger choices. This cafe is known for several strengths including the ability to offer both acclaimed burgers, as well as dishes for those who want healthy foods. And they do it all so well.

In our travels we've seen a trend towards healthier eating. Customers are wanting specialised foods that meet a healthy lifestyle. One Plus Piece Cafe are into the healthy food scene and their offerings are of a high quality.

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Matcha Japanese tea has so many health benefits. The Mix n Matcha blend is amazing, with pure green tea leaves stone ground into a dense and vibrant green powder. this is Japanese certified Matcha organic tea from the lush rolling hills of Kyoto Japan. The antioxidant benefits are significant. Plus The World Loves Melbourne loves the taste of matcha tea, enjoying it in a latte style as above.

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Staff will whisk a matcha to be enjoyed in different way, whether a latte style, smoothie or in a healthy drink with organic apple.

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One Plus Piece is a popular cafe in Balwyn, with an all day menu that caters for most tastes with innovative smart dishes.

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Oat porridge with apple cinnamon, chia seeds, roasted walnut, dried blueberry and almond milk. This is a delicious breakfast dish full of goodness. Hearty porridge with superfood chia and the advent of fruit, crunch and almond milk, is a winner. The World Loves Melbourne has been getting in to almond milk lately as an alternative to all the milk we've been drinking.

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Another highlight is the Ohara's ancient grains salad; with pumpkin , sweet potato, kale, sesame vinaigrette, black quinoa, barley and sunflower seeds (you can add proteins, sous vide chicken or smoked salmon for extra cost). This contains many of the superfoods we like and comes with an excellent balance. It is making use of whole foods presented in a natural way, not over processed. 

See the dish pictured below with added sous vide chicken. Delicious.

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Healthy drinks can be paired with healthy dishes. We enjoyed the Green detox smoothie of spinach, cucumber, kale, lemon, apple mint and chia seed. So much packed into one large drink! It's like a meal in itself. The taste is delicious and we felt a surge of energy after we enjoyed this healthy food.

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These dishes devised by talented Head Chef Cain are from a background of knowing the healthy food scene and enjoying that lifestyle.

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A spectacular dish at One Plus Piece is the Green Monster featuring broccolini, kale, asparagus, poached egg, roasted almond, and feta. Many dishes such as this are gluten free. Again we have the creamy eggs, the crunch of roasted almonds, the hit of feta and the delight of broccolini, kale and asparagus as a delicious green trio.

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The burgers are One Plus Piece Cafe are outstanding; and a healthy option is the Devil mushroom golden Portobello, avocado, tomato, cos, red onion, cheese and chilli sauce (for some kick). We loved the crunchy exterior of the mushroom and then savouring a quality large Portobello mushroom perfectly cooked and the hero of the dish. It was one of the best burgers we've had for a while and there wasn't even any meat. So delicious.

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Healthy omelette? The World Loves Melbourne enjoys a healthy tasty omelette. Not too greasy we like a few ingredients with the egg base. At One Plus Piece is served a delightful Mushroom omelette from Amazon lily, goats cheese, crispy shallot, hoisin mushroom, carrot, beansprout, roasted cashew nut and chilli oil. This omelette has received high praise from customers as not to heavy but full of flavour. We love the goats cheese that works so well with the mushroom, as well as the crunch and kick we see in many of the One Plus Piece dishes.

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We imbibed these dishes with more healthy drinks including this Matcha with sparkling organic apple. Healthy and refreshing.

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And we also enjoyed just the sparkling organic apple on its own (below).

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One Plus Piece is a delightful cafe in Balwyn with smart modern food and drinks with plenty of healthy choices to enjoy. With great coffee and a compelling menu across the board this is well worth a visit. Get on it!