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East Gippsland Produce Dazzles at Bomba #FeastonEast

Bomba 1 

East Gippsland has been flying under the radar with brilliant produce imbibed in top Melbourne restaurants and eateries, but not always in the spotlight. This is changing with The World Loves Melbourne invited to a stunning #FeastonEast event at Bomba Bar for a lazy Sunday lunch with 6 top Melbourne chefs showcasing the ingredients. Check out our Best Bars in Melbourne.

If ever there was a foodie hub in Melbourne it is quintessential Bomba Bar; where you're always assured of innovative food and first class wine experiences.

Bomba 19

Jesse Gerner Head Chef and Owner s known for his tasty Spanish food, and uses a good amount of East Gippsland produce.

Bomba 22

Bomba 77

This event was a culinary sensation; with 6 top Melbourne chefs coming together in the kitchen to showcase East Gippsland, including Jesse Gerner and James McLennan from Bomba; Victor Liong from Lee Ho Fook and Lawyers, Guns and Money; Ryan Flaherty from Mr Jennings; Tony Twitchett from Taxi Kitchen; and Pierre Roelofs from Pierre's. Produce was sourced directly from East Gippsland producers via their own unique farmers market "Feast on East Direct." You can now order produce online and it is sent to a food hub where you can collect it.

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Jesse Gerner is a mainstay of Melbourne cuisine, showing us the best of Spain with a twist, oft using high class local ingredients (with much from East Gippsland). Jesse has worked hard over many years and his impact immense on the Melbourne foodie scene.

Bomba 7

Yes please. Casa Mariol Vermouth baby! With tapas on top!

Bomba 10

Amazing was the Bacon, eggs and burned toast; a play on Sunday bacon and eggs. Bold flavours; and to think the fresh produce comes from East Gippsland.

Bomba 12

 My, my my. Egg with glorious runny element and rich colour was a showstopper. Burned toast added to the rustic appeal.

Bomba 3

Bomba rooftop is quintessential Melbourne.

Bomba 17

Cooked/uncooked pumpkin was simply named but there was so much depth in this dish. Crispy chicken skin took it to another level.

Bomba 24

From Bomba Upstairs it was downstairs to the Bomba dining space for the rest of the courses...

Bomba 25

East Gippsland was bringing it; a gem of a region that showcases the best of fine produce and wine.

Bomba 30

Bullant Brewery IPA near Bairnsdale in East Gippsland was top notch; and you can visit the Brewery to taste their beers and food.

Bomba 28

Cam Smith in the house signals this is a foodie event of substance; as the consummate host Cam came straight from his radio gig to highlight the best of East Gippsland.

Bomba 34

Bomba 44

Chinese greens and brassica with "oyster" sauce was the dish prepared by Victor Liong from Lee Ho Fook and Lawyers, Guns and Money. The dish highlighted the fresh produce of the region in an innovative and vibrant way.

Bomba 42

Nicola Watts from East Gippsland Food Cluster spoke of the significance and flair of East Gippsland. Some 20% of vegetables in Victoria come from this region. Feast on East was highlighting the ability to buy direct from the region now!

Bomba 46

We were treated to first class wines from Nicholson River winery and Lightfoot and Sons winery.

Bomba 49

A highlight was the Whipped eel parfait, pickled purple beets and fried bread from Ryan Flaherty of Mr Jennings. What a hit of flavour from the parfait! And the fresh beetroot was able to stand up to the big flavour of the parfait with delightful flavour of its own. A perfect combination.

Bomba 52

Lunch doesn't get any better than this. Especially when Tony Twitchett from Taxi Kitchen serves up Slow cooked Forge Creek lamb shoulder, grandma's pickles, caramelised yoghurt, Gippsland cauliflower, berry creek buffalo blue cheese and Taxi furikake. We can't imagine it any better. Perfectly cooked lamb crispy skin and so tender inside; with big flavour to match. The Cauliflower was creamy and a perfect accompaniment to the spectacular lamb. 

Bomba 50

Creamy Cauliflower helped us reach peak satiation.

Bomba 53

That Forge Creek lamb from East Gippsland again! A showstopper.

Bomba 60

Dessert also hit the high notes with Muscovado, rhubarb, lemon, olive oil and honey from Pierre Roelofs of Pierre's. Texture and taste this dish had it all; crunch, delicious seasonal fruit, sweet hit of muscovado and honey, and citrus hit of lemon.

Bomba 61

We heard from Ken Eckersley (below) of Nicholson River winery; sir I love your 2010 Nicholson River Pinot Noir.

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Bomba 80

 As the chefs came out from the kitchen to the receptive crowd of diners, The World Loves Melbourne reflected on the sheer quality of this event and the desire to order some high quality East Gippsland produce.