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The Fair Trader - Coffee Arbitration on Exhibition

The Fair Trader has made a big impact in a short time with its fabulous coffee, spacious cafe and culinary delights. Having being used to cafes that are small and sometimes cramped, The Fair Trader can cope with hordes of coffee lovers descending from nearby offices.

I wondered whether the name of this cafe had any link to Fair Work Australia next door. Being the genius I am I think so. If the Liberals win the next election will the cafe change its name to "Work Choices"? Sorry, bad joke.

The Fair Trader has a great ambience with concrete polished floor, grungy chairs, retro stools, and naked bulbs. The Fair Trader could also be called The Chic Trader. 

The cool ambience here made me think - rather than visit a tribunal or commission - arbitration could take place in the cafe over a single origin. Conducive for conflict resolution.

Food at The Fair Trader is perfect for the office worker with options around the $10 range or below, as well as more elaborate choices. I tend to favour the Egg and bacon pannini as a tasty, filling and workable breakfast option before work. The Fair Trader offers what they call the "express lunch" which includes a robust steak sandwich.


The Fair Trader is a coffee haven for many in the precinct. I've been here several times and the coffee has been consistently excellent. I understand the coffee is from St Ali.

I've found the hipster barista to be a bit of a character and he is seriously talented. Service has been great. I even had one of the staff make me a breakfast pannini before the main batch was ready one morning (and no she didn't know I was a blogger).

The Fair Trader is a superb place to meet people, especially as there are larger tables for groups. The room (actually two rooms) fills with natural light through the large windows. Very pleasant.

Give The Fair Trader a fair go.