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Ramen Bankara Top Ramen Destination

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Ramen Bankara eminates from a series of outlets in Japan; with this ramen house opening up in Westfield Doncaster. We indulged in the Classic Chuka Soba, Premium Kakuni Bankara, Gyoza, Karaage Chicken and delicious Black Sesame Ice Cream. Check out our Best Ramen in Melbourne.

The Tsukemen was a surprise alternative with thick cold noodles and soup on the side. Cold noodles in hot soup was unusual for us but rewarding!

The Bankara signature ramen was our favourite and features a rich and oily style broth, with both salty and sweet tastes. The Tonkotsu broth is soy sauce based. Pork belly used in the ramen is premium and would be our meat of choice here.

Ramen Bankara features four different types of noodles in the ramen and you can choose your ramen toppings.

The ordering system is through filling out a form - which you hand to the wait staff. The wait staff are first class and can explain the dishes if needed.

To be honest we highly enjoyed the signature ramen broth but found the Chuka Soba was quite mild in flavour (more a gateway ramen for newbies).

In terms of value the standard dishes are around market cost of $13.80 but the premium ramen can be around $20 to get a larger ramen with kakuni, seasoned boiled eggs etc. 

Desserts are popular here including Black Sesame Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream, as well as the refreshing Lemon Sorbet. All in all a rewarding experience.

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