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A New Menu Burger Feast at Dandenong Pavilion

 DandenongPavilion 7

Dandenong Pavilion has well and truly made its way into the hearts of locals and visitors, even creating a cult-like following of burger enthusiasts. Our recent visit was to celebrate their 10th birthday, a refurbishment and a new menu, presented by Joe Hlusko.

So, what makes the perfect burger? Dandenong Pavilion uses a blend of 3 types of 100% Australian premium beef and cooks their patties to medium for that melt in the mouth texture. An array of accompaniments takes different tastes into consideration, and each individually wrapped burger comes with chips, pickles and tomato sauce. 

DandenongPavilion 1

DandenongPavilion 10

DandenongPavilion 2

After watching a consistent stream of burgers fly out of the kitchen and onto the tables of  enthusiastic diners, we decide that we can’t come to the Pavilion without trying some famously succulent beef. 

DandenongPavilion 7

DandenongPavilion 8

The Tsar Burger ticks all the boxes. Juicy beef, the light and buttery brioche bun and a tangy horseradish and shallot sauce, are skillfully paired with black Russian tomato, bacon, melted double cheese and beetroot which is miraculously mess free. 

DandenongPavilion 4

DandenongPavilion 5

DandenongPavilion 6

With traditionalists in mind the Pavilion offers a Beef Burger with simple trimmings. A ‘secret burger menu’ brings double the fun, with each order including a towering two patties. For those who want to indulge but aren’t as keen on the beef, the Colonel is filled with pieces of Pav fried chicken, coleslaw and chipotle sauce. Others who aren’t in a burger mood choose from a variety of pastas and risottos, European style mains, and even a Thai Green Curry. 

DandenongPavilion 11 

An exciting and diverse drinks menu catches our eyes, and upon our lovely waiter Bella’s recommendation we order the Apple & Cinnamon Martini and an Elderflower Collins. One is citrusy and refreshing, the other’s aromatic sweetness inspires us to label it a ‘winter classic’. 

DandenongPavilion 3

DandenongPavilion 13 

Dessert is a shared affair that begins with a warm and light Chocolate Pudding, and is followed by a mountainous bowl of brownies and ice-cream, otherwise know as The Return of the Mack, perfect to share between family or a group of friends. The meal ends with the Goldilocks special, a nostalgic homage to the fun flavours of a Golden Gaytime. 

DandenongPavilion 15

DandenongPavilion 18

The warmth and relaxed atmosphere of Dandenong Pavilion speaks to its popularity among the public. Our time there was greatly enhanced by the generous food and the wonderful customer service we experienced.  

Rachel Mason