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Merricks Creek Winery New Menu on Mornington Peninsula

Merricks Creek Winery has launched a fabulous new menu with a number of compelling new dishes for your weekend visit. This is the kind of food The World Loves Melbourne enjoys at a winery; high quality shared plates, with Mediterranean influences.

One of the most impressive foodie destinations for The World Loves Melbourne, Merricks Creek is only an hour from Melbourne on the stunning Mornington Peninsula (44 Merricks Rd, Merricks).

MerricksCreekJuly 8

The World Loves Melbourne considers the food at Merricks Creek to be some of the best value dishes around for a winery. High quality and affordable. And importantly the dishes at Merricks Creek Winery match perfectly with the wine.

We shy away from some wineries that try to cater for the broadest tastes possible in merely presenting the 'meat dish', the 'chicken dish' and the 'fish dish'.  We also consider many wineries are overpriced - but not Merricks Creek Winery. We enjoy Merricks Creek for its interesting and flexible menu, captivating cellar door experience and its affordability. 

Beginning our visit with a wine tasting was a thrill; the challenge is to compare the various vintages of Pinot Noir. They are all so different with so much character!

MerricksCreekJuly 29

The new dishes are a hit; with the ability to share a number of plates with two people. Order an assortment of dishes for a rewarding casual dining experience. Enjoy the cuisine with a glass of premium Pinot Noir or two.

MerricksCreekJuly 30

A standout on the menu the Rare Eye Fillet is always a popular dish with the highest quality meat on offer. The caper vinaigrette on top is compelling as piquant bliss and the ciabatta welcome. A must order dish and extremely affordable.

MerricksCreekJuly 37

Blow torched buffalo mozzarella, roasted red peppers and grilled ciabatta is a highlight. This was a cacophony of big flavours on lightly toasted bread. Simple but delicious.

MerricksCreekJuly2 28

On the day we visited to experience the new menu, loads of groups of younger wine lovers descended on the winery, but generally the crowd is of all ages. Merricks Creek has become a trendy destination for couples, groups, families and foodies.

MerricksCreekJuly2 4

Roasted tomatoes, Main Ridge Dairy goat curd, grilled ciabatta and basil oil is a superb all year round dish at Merricks Creek Winery. This is the kind of food we like to enjoy at a winery; casual, shareable and high quality ingredients.

MerricksCreekJuly2 7

The Award winning Pork and Pistachio Terrine is a high quality terrine that pairs perfectly with Pinot Noir.

A Free range chicken liver pate has also been added to the food offerings.

MerricksCreekJuly2 18

Merricks Creek is the perfect place to relax on the weekend.

MerricksCreekJuly2 5

Food is simple, delicious and well presented.

MerricksCreekJuly2 12

Crispy thins are a dish I always gravitate to; slightly salty and with parmesan, prosciutto and rocket. Although called "thins" they're surprisingly filling.

MerricksCreekJuly 47

Delicate blue cheese (Fourme d’ambert) aged in French underground tunnels is a highlight. As is the Soft, silky triple cream cow’s cheese from the Rhone Alps in France. The World Loves Melbourne loves a decent cheese platter and these platters hit the mark.

MerricksCreekJuly 40

Desserts are also exceptional with the White chocolate mousse mini pots with passionfruit a creamy satisfying dish and the Kahlua Espresso Deconstructed Tiramisu a highlight (just dip the biscuit in the kahlua espresso then in the cream).

MerricksCreekJuly 43

A highlight was a private barrel tasting with Peter Parker in the large shed; fascinating and engaging.

MerricksCreekJuly 28

Merricks Creek Winery is a romantic destination with almost magical views from the interior of the new stylish cellar door.

MerricksCreekJuly 18

Stylish new cellar door.

MerricksCreekJuly 3

A visit to Merricks Creek Winery is the perfect weekend food and wine experience at any time of the year. Get on it!