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Huxtaburger Expands it's Traditional Burger Offering

Melbourne’s beloved burger brand, Huxtaburger, has introduced a range of new burgers, sides and sweet treats to its already lip-smacking menu. But it’s not just beefed up with all the usual Huxta-nosh you’ve come to expect from the team of burger experts. Vegetarians rejoice! The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Huxtaburger at Eastlands to experience the new menu.

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Fresh milkshake and sundae flavours are hard to resist. The Coffee milkshake was a highlight with a top notch coffee flavour (not fake but real and compelling). The shake also has the right amount of ice cream for creaminess and thickness.

Chocmint, jaffa and bubblegum milkshakes ($6.5/$7.5/$8) are able to curb diners’ sugar cravings, while choc-mint and jaffa sundaes ($3.5/$5) are the latest addition to the ice-cream menu.

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The modern restaurant at Eastland is impressive; one of several Huxtaburger locations.

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The brand-spanking-new Sondra burger ($12.5) is bursting with green goodness, featuring a kale, quinoa and zucchini patty, layered with hummus, pickled onion, beetroot, tomato and lettuce. It’s another addition to Huxtaburger’s ever-growing vego-friendly menu, following the launch of the Vege Denise earlier this month. 

We found the burger to be delicious and the patty exciting (unlike other places who find it hard to get an interesting veggie style patty). Once again Daniel Wilson achieves superb balance in a burger.

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Melburnian’s can now enjoy Huxtaburger for breakfast, introducing the Vanessa ($7.9), a bacon (generous!) and egg bun with cheese, creamy bloody Mary mayo and tomato sauce. The Huxta crew recommends adding the new crispy potato rosti for an ultimate morning feed (we enjoyed it with rosi added). Surely this is one of the best breakfast burgers in Melbourne. To be honest we would enjoy this burger any time of the day.

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Panko crumbed onion rings ($7.5) serve as an ideal in-between-meal snack, together with the newly released Skull Island prawns and southern fried chicken tenders. 

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We enjoyed an impressive feast at Huxtaburger and highly recommend the new menu.

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Renowned chef and Huxtaburger co-owner, Daniel Wilson, says the new menu additions will cater for everybody, at any time of the day. “Whether you’re gluten intolerant, a meat-lover or vegetarian seeking a burger fix or quick bite, the refreshed Huxtaburger menu is delivering tasty options for all. “We love mixing things up but will always stay true to our focus on delivering delicious American style burgers with a Huxta-twist.” Get on it.