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Best Themed Cafes in Melbourne

The World Loves Melbourne loves a themed cafe. Melbourne is known for its quirk when it comes to cafes and more and more themed cafes are opening. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to embrace all things quirk; and themed cafes fit the bill. Here are our best themed cafes in Melbourne.

One Plus Piece - Balwyn

One Plus Piece Cafe in Balwyn is a revelation with its one piece theme based on the cult Japanese hit! One Piece is a Japanese manga, which follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a funny young man whose body gains the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. With his diverse crew of pirates, named the straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the ocean in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as "One Piece" in order to become the next Pirate King.

One Plus Piece Cafe, like the quest of the anime hero, is also a treaure. The menu is compelling with standout brunch and burger dishes, as well as healthier meals and excellent coffee. 

OnePlusPieceJuly 32

How good is the original art in this cafe? One Plus Piece has gone all the way with its anime theme. The cafe is literally decorated and adorned with anime.

OnePlusPieceJuly 31

Art, anime characters and a menu that reflects the anime theme.

OnePieceCafe 29

Burgers are a standout at One Plus Piece including One Piece burger with double chilli beef, the 1+ Beef with Cheese with Angas beef, the Luffy's Favourite with chicken schnitzel, the Devil Mushroom with Portobello mushroom,the Gear 4 and Gear 3 (breakfast style) burgers, Japanese Fried Chicken burger and the Hawaiian burger.

OnePlusPieceBOM 10

OnePlusPieceBOM 18

Brunch dishes here are top notch including this Mr Franky with two fried eggs, served with tasty cheese and smoked ham, between two roti's, topped with smashed avocado and sour cream, organic tomato relish and apple salsa. A unique tasty brunch dish in Melbourne.

OnePlusPieceJan 23

Anime characters abound...

OnePlusPieceMay 19

OnePlusPieceMay 24

One Plus Piece Cafe is a unique cafe in Melbourne that doesn't just pay homage to a theme, but goes all the way, and backs it up with fine food and drinks offerings.

Denis The Menace - Cremorne

Denis the Menace is a standout cafe in an up-cycled converted warehouse in Cremorne. The cafe is full of atmosphere, grungy but modern in appearance. Being a childhood fan of Denis the Menace it was a joy to imbibe top food and coffee, as well as the unmistakeable Denis the Menace theme.

DenisTheMenace2 27

Here's the freckled precocious kid in all his glory. The comic strip of 1951 features Dennis the Menace (different spelling to the cafe) a cheeky five year old. He has a penchant for mischief and a wide eye curiosity. 

DenisTheMenace2 11

We were taken by the breakfast menu, including this Classic Stuff Eggs Benedict with organic ham, tomato and Gruyere cheese. Winner.DenisTheMenace2 14

Here is the  ‘Avo, we’ve met before’ with added sausages (delightful) and two perfectly cooked eggs with killer smashed avo and heirloom tomatoes, marinated feta, breakfast radishes, and fresh mint and basil pulled from the neighbour's garden. The menu, which embodies the playful sprit of Denis the Menace, opens with quick and easy options such as fancy toast, running late roti, or a super start. Secondly, options include an ‘Avo, we’ve met before’, a ‘Watashi Wa Dennis’, or a ‘Big green food fight’.

DenisTheMenace2 29

We think Dennis would run amok here with wide spaces and toys to trash.

DenisTheMenace2 31

Denis the Menace offers lunch fillers such as ‘A bowl full of yum’, a ‘Kind of like mums roast’ or a ‘Mr Wilson’ sandwich, which attract hoards of Cremorne corporates.

Alice Nivens

Alice Nivens is a whimsical fantasy cafe the World Loves Melbourne has visited several times (after falling down a rabbit hole), close to Flinders St Station. For those who love Alice in Wonderland this is the place for you. This cafe is like an oasis and haven and an escape from the hectic office like that surrounds it.

ThemedCafes 3

Upon entry you're struck by the large Alice in Wonderland mural, as well as the rabbit salt and pepper shakers. We are also impressed by the quality of the cakes here and the breakfast and lunch offerings. We love the Breakfast bun, cookies, the muffins and cakes and the sandwiches. And the hot chocolate. Follow their Instagram account to see what cakes are on offer - fresh cakes with changing cake menu every day.

Images: Alice Nivens Instagram.

ThemedCafes 2

You end up chatting with Janet (owner) and Jean (pastry chef) to brighten your day. If you are ever overwhelmed with spreadsheets, emails and a tough boss, come to Alice Nivens for therapy.

ThemedCafes 4

Spectacular cakes await...

ThemedCafes 1

Alice Nivens is one of the great cafes, and indeed themed cafes, of Melbourne. Get on it.

29th Apartment - St Kilda

OK, so technically it's a bar. 29th Apartment is quirk overdrive, set up like a NYC apartment, even with bed and bath. We love to visit 29th Apartment, the ultimate place to chill. Says the website, "29th apartment is a re-creation of an apartment originally inhabited by the infamous Katishe: a salacious struggling artist who worked the streets of St Kilda by night to support her passion and hopes of one day being discovered for her talents as a painter.  

A little after the time Jack Kerouac and Sid Vicious rented rundown rooms at New York City’s Chelsea Hotel, Katishe created her own slice of NYC at 29th apartment. When this gorgeous eccentric walked the dangerous streets at night and brought the rough and tumble men and women back to her place, none of her clients expected the maze of abstract oil paintings that stacked the walls. Fixated with the underground art and cultural movement that Andy Warhol had championed (and perhaps used to being up all night with her trade), most of Katishe’s paintings tell stories from the streets of NYC, the city that never sleeps."

ThemedCafes 9

Quirky decor is a feature of 29th Apartment including a 1970's Kelvinator Fridge (they don't make them like they used to). Board games are also on offer, adding to that chilled vibe, including a giant Jenga.

ThemedCafes 8

29th Apartment boasts a strong cocktail game and the food is relaxed and casual such as Burgers, BBQ chicken wings and pizzas.

ThemedCafes 7

If you're into quirk and grunge you can't go past 29th Apartment.

Cat Cafe - CBD

Cat Cafe is one of the most extraordinary cafes in Melbourne. Cat lovers arise; this is cat heaven. Enjoy a cafe environment with a host of cats; active on their cat-shelf walkways. Each cat has its own name and identity of course and you may find yourself becoming charmed by these feline creatures. You need to check and book available times on their website (there is a fee per person to see the cats). Age restrictions also apply.


The food selection is limited due to Council restrictions around a cat cafe. Enjoy cakes, slices, cookies and chips as examples of the snack type food, and of course hot and cold drinks. The main focus is on the cats welfare and happiness.

ThemedCafes 6

The cats are not up for adoption but live on the premises permanently, so don't get any ideas...

ThemedCafes 5

Cat lover? Cat Cafe is open 7 days a week so get on it.