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Queenie's Sweet Dreams Tour Fun and Compelling

Queenie's Food Tours is a top notch food tour company, and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience the popular Sweet Dreams Tour in South Yarra. Of course South Yarra is only a hop, skip and jump from the Melbourne CBD - or a short train ride. We assembled on Chapel St, one of the standout precincts in Melbourne. The thought of a three hour sweet dreams tour enthralled us. We found this tour to be world class and a highlight for locals or any tourist visiting Melbourne.

Queenie's Food Tours was started by Andrew Prior in 2012, who made a memorable impact on high rating TV series Masterchef. Andrew is a foodie through and through with his love for food crossing continents and cuisines. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to explore precincts and hidden treasures; and this food tour is an eye opener.

Andrew Prior is also the editor of Australia's Provincial Living Magazine. His foodie passion adds to the excellence of the food tours and he knows what customers want and provides them with a memorable food experience.

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We don't want to disclose all the details of each stop, to keep the element of surprise for those taking the tour. The Sweet Dreams Tour is a Walking Tour, and we appreciated the walks we did around South Yarra. We needed a walk or two after the decadent cakes we sampled, but we were impressed with the planning of the tour, the number of places visited and the precinct. Our tour host Megan was exceptional - friendly, enthusiastic and engaging. Her knowledge and input was superb, as was her people skills.

We were also impressed by the professionalism of Queenie's Food Tours in terms of booking process, the website, and the details provided to participants.

Our first stop was substantial with coffee and cake selection at one of Australia's finest. In fact all the stops were world class in our opinion. The technique, innovation and consistency of the sweet destinations on this tour are extraordinary. Not to mention the presentation.

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As all the participants were sweet and dessert lovers, we were able to appreciate the experience together with much in common. Some were apparently good cooks, so were in awe of the high quality desserts we enjoyed.

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We were given samples at some locations - with the opportunity to purchase more if you wanted. Each destination on the tour was stunning in its ambience.

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Of course the Sweet Dreams Tour is for sweet and dessert lovers, but we are of the opinion that even if you're not you'll still enjoy the tour as celebrating the finer things in life. So much artistry and artisan craftsmanship goes into the products of each destination on the tour. We were also happy to receive a discount for product we purchased on the tour; excellent for our own consumption but also perfect for gifts.

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Artisan craftsmanship.

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Destinations are diverse, with all fabled in this foodie city of Melbourne.

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Our final stop to a sweet destination involved intricate hand made products. This was also a time to relax over a delicious light lunch. some of the participants in the tour remarked that they were locals but had no idea of this stunning world of sweet dream destinations on their doorstop!

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We highly recommend Queenie's Food Tours and the foodie excellence of Andrew Prior. This was a highly enjoyable tour and perfect to enjoy with friends, meet new people, as a gift, and for tourists visiting Melbourne. Get on it!