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Meatworks Co. Delivers Ribs Goodness in South Melbourne

Meatworks Co. is a labour of love with Lindsay Jones-Evans building the smoker himself as a skilled engineer, and producing some of the best ribs and smoked meats and seafood in Melbourne. Lindsay has nothing to prove; already successful from the Jones the Grocer empire and The Victoria Room in Sydney. The World Loves Melbourne was here to celebrate all things ribs and the launch of the dinner menu.

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Just off the main strip in a quiet side lane resides Meatworks. The vibe is relaxed but you can indulge in some serious BBQ here. The fit out is almost classroom and is retro; no stiffness, with the charm of this former 1930's garage still evident. At once you feel comfortable and ready to tackle the task at hand - delicious ribs and top notch BBQ. Meatworks have a certain flavour; it's not just a "meatfest" but they also pack a power punch with seafood and vegetarian dishes and are planning some even more unique offerings. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to dial in on a BBQ specialist.

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Light and airy, it's a compelling space. Long windows, high ceilings, ladders, exposed brick, retro tables and chairs, and well placed plants. At night the mood turns romantic with candles on the tables.

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The World Loves Melbourne indulged in some serious rib action. The Full Rack of Pork Ribs w House Apple Slaw and crushed nuts are cooked Memphis style, ie not slathered with sauce but dry style, and served up on a large board.  Add your sauce to complement the ribs from the selection of three sauces. Personally we enjoy the dry style - a tradition in parts of America.With Memphis style the ribs often get vinegar applied then a rub towards the end of the cooking process for a tangy taste.

We also enjoyed the Sticky Lamb Ribs, which were also dry style although did fall off the bone more easily. These were a highlight with a compelling spicy rub with Cajun and other spices. To be honest I love ribs with some level of fat like this. These ribs were melt in your mouth with a hit of welcome spice. Enjoy your meal on a elongated tin plate.

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Sides are excellent, with Shoestring Fries and the Wok Tossed Asian Greens with Hoisin Sauce.

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The assortment of three sauces was compelling including a sweet plum sauce, BBQ sauce and a special chef's secret sauce.

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And of course the Apple slaw that came with the Pork ribs delivered zest and crunch.

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We'd already eaten a feast but we were on a roll. More Sticky Lamb Ribs were served as well as delicious Smoked Loukaniko Sausage.

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Dessert at Meatworks Co. is also compelling with a Goldilocks Smoked Apple Crumble with Double Cream that is dry and crumbly with smoky apple. The Sticky Date Pudding was the standout with a Caramel sauce that your pour over the pudding and Vanilla Ice Cream.

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Lindsay took us into the kitchen to show us Betsy the large smoker.

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So good. Indulgence at every turn.

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We had arrived early at 6pm and as the night went on there was a good gathering of diners present; the perfect place to come for relaxed dining with top notch BBQ with friends.

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 Service here is super friendly from Lindsay Jones-Evans and his wife Sheng Nan Ren. Meatworks is a cheerful place. 

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For those who love their ribs and meats, as well as smoked seafoods and vegetarian, Meatworks Co. is your happy place.