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Scott Pickett's Deli & Rotisserie Turns Queen Victoria Market On It's Head

When two world's collide. Scott Pickett one of Australia's hottest chefs has collided with Melbourne institution Queen Victoria Market for quintessential Melbourne magic. One of the best quality cheap eats in Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne attended the launch of Pickett's Deli and Rotisserie at Queen Victoria Market and suspect the old queen would have salivated at the Milawa chicken offerings off the rotisserie.

Early morning breakfast? Eat in or take away lunch? After work drinks and cocktails? Wines by the glass for a "sesh" with cheese and charcuterie? But you can't go past the rotisserie action. Our question to Scott was, "Where have you been all my life?" We love the Queen Victoria Market and it's fine produce (world class market) and Scott has come in with a stunning fresh concept that also pays homage and respect to the market. For example, he doesn't have large fridges at Pickett's but rather takes advantage of the large range of fresh produce on hand at the market to drive his business.

Picketts 1

We love the location on the corner facing Elizabeth St near the main entrance. It's an intimate space with the rotisserie the star attraction.  The advent of outside tables in both directions allows for more diners. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to check out Queen Victoria Market and now to include a visit to Pickett's.

Picketts 26

Scott Pickett told guests he was excited to be in the heart of the city and in Queen Victoria Market.

Picketts 2

Also we are excited to see Aaron Brodie, transferred across from Estelle Bistro to head up the kitchen. A list of 20 wines by the glass is another highlight; put together by Estelle by Scott Pickett's Sommelier James Dossan.

Picketts2 2

Picketts 4

Don't expect Scott to top up your water as you dine. This is not a fine dining restaurant as such. It's not a replica of Estelle or St Crispin but a different beast; a deli in the style of what you might find in Europe. Once again, approriate in a diverse place like Queen Victoria Market.

Picketts 8

Scott Pickett bringing it to iconic Queen Victoria Market. We see it as the missing link; Queen Victoria Market has been enhanced.

Picketts 11

That Milawa chicken on the rotisserie! Delicious! 

Picketts 13

The food is great and damn cheap. Scott is giving back to the punters with market prices. Having worked in the city in this precinct for several years, this was the kind of place I was looking for as a city worker. At the launch I was contemplating getting another job in the city just so I could visit Pickett's over and over. This is my kind of food. Relaxed, cheerful, honest and delicious.

Picketts 14 

Picketts 16

Scott Pickett has been highly successful in all his ventures and we see he shows massive innovation and flair, has great people, but is also hands on. He never seems to cut corners or take anything for granted.

Picketts 17

We enjoyed a fine selection from the menu including Sardines, smoked tomato and sourdough; Wagyu tartare; Brisket; Gnocchi with prawn bolognese; Rotisserie du jour; San daniele prosciutto and house pickles; Padron peppers and goats cheese; plus more including some amazing pork.

Picketts 20

Foodie luminaries, family and friends graced Pickett's for the launch.

Picketts 21

The perspective from any part of the room is delightful.

Picketts2 1 

Picketts 22

Picketts 24

Soft serve with brownie was addictive.

Picketts 30

Thanks to Reymond Communications for the invite and for Scott Pickett and his team for another inspirational foodie destination. Get on it.